Class Memories

I fondly remember the late nights in the lounge, hiking in Leatchworth Park, sharing meals and laughs with dear friends, and Sex Saturday.

- Amy Sue Hayes

Basic science years: I remember the first day of school, in my dorm room, reading in the book of Proverbs and praying for wisdom; many memories from anatomy lab come to mind, of course; watching St Elswhere (?wed nights); the word “biopsychoscoial”, and, come to think of it, the parasitology course made a big impression on me too!

Clinical years: crossing the snowy, cold nearly empty Strong Memorial hospital, alone, in the dark at about 5am to go to start rounds (Surgery); seeing my first birth (OB); buying our first otoscope, stethoscope, etc.; “go for the pain” (Psych); getting to do my first surgery; three months working in Africa; Matchday 1987; Our class production/play…(When was that?); the classmates who became my life-long friends!!

- Guy Eshelman

I remember the thanksgiving dinners, cooking turkey for 100 people, and really enjoying the company of a great group of friends.

- Richard Guido

- Franklin Kasmin

Watching St. Elsewhere on Tuesday nights and driving around Whipple Park in a cigar smoke filled car with John and Guy.

- Henry Paszko

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