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Yuhan Chen

Yuhan Chen

Hometown: Wuxi, China
Anticipated graduation year: 2021
Degree: BS in business: business analytics track

Why did you choose the University of Rochester?

I choose U of R because of the open curriculum environment and professors eager to collaborate with students. I am an undecided major when I enter college, so I want to explore more about my interest, and U of R can offer that opportunity.

Why did you choose the business major?

Through continuous experimentation and exploration, I gradually found my interest in the company's business operations, whether from reading financial statements or analyzing its overall operations. For me, it is fascinating to study and analyze why a company's business model is successful.

What has been your favorite undergraduate Simon Business School course and why?

I have two favorite classes.

The first is GBA 220. The class talks about how company success, the strategy, and the advantages of each company. Professor Roy explains everything so clear, and I always apply what I learned when I do company research.

Second one is FIN 241, I had zero knowledge about real estate when I took that class, but only after one semester, I had so many insights and did comprehensive research in the team. Professor Conway always has great passion and explains things in great detail. She also likes spending time to talk with students about real estate after class.

What are your activities outside of class?

I am a member of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, we spend a lot of time study and play together. It is a great family that we always support each other to achieve their goals. I am a tutor in CETL and TA for CIS191 Spring 20. I like cooking Asia food with my friends and also do Yoga sometimes.

Have you done an internship?

Yes, I did an internship in PwC responsible for testing the systems, cleaning, and analyzing data.

What are your career goals?

I currently plan to continue my postgraduate studies in the United States after graduating from U of R and study analysis and risk management knowledge during my postgraduate period. I hope to start my career in a consulting firm and find an industry I am interested in. I can robust within this process and then focus more on that industry. I am always eager to use my analytics and coding skills to improve the process and make the company’s decision more efficient.

Favorite Starbucks order: Dragon fruit refresher with apple juice :)