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Resource Videos

The following short videos cover services and resources available at each of the highlighted departments along with instructions on how to access them remotely.

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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)

CETL programs, tutoring, study groups, study zone

  • 2:10 Guide to remote learning
  • 2:44 Study skills programs
  • 3:41 Study zone
  • 4:21 How to sign up for programs
  • 5:44 Study groups (connect with classmates)
  • 6:38 One-on-one tutoring
  • 7:14 For graduate students (learning, teaching, and teaching assistantships)

CETL website

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College Center for Advising Services (CCAS)

What CCAS does and how to navigate its website

  • 0:36 How to set up an appointment with an advisor
  • 2:18 How to connect with peer advisors
  • 2:42 Academic planning and resources (including AP/IB credits, major/minor declaration, etc.)
  • 3:28 Incoming and first-year student resources (Rochester curriculum, academic planning)
  • 4:31 DACA and undocumented students

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Gwen M. Greene Center for Career Education and Connections

Virtual resources and how to make individual appointments with career counselors

  • 0:14 Career communities by career industry
  • 0:46 Career Center resources (resume/CVs, cover letters, etc.)
  • 1:34 Working in the US (information for international students)
  • 2:17 Career exploration tools
  • 2:41 University of Rochester networking (Meliora Collective)
  • 3:17 How to set up an appointment with career counselors (Handshake)

Greene Career Center website

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Language Center

Programs and resources provided by the center to support language learning

  • 0:20 Computer hub for different languages (physical)
  • 0:40 International TV station (physical)
  • 1:37 Conversation hours for practicing languages
  • 2:36 One-on-one peer tutoring
  • 4:49 Virtual office

Language Center website

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How to access library resources and services off campus

  • 1:12 Chat live with a librarian
  • 2:08 Set up a research consultation appointment with a librarian
  • 2:46 Access online resources
  • 3:11 Research guides by subject
  • 3:32 Find full-text online resources
  • 5:05 Rind your subject librarian

Libraries website
Accessing Library Services and Resources Presentation (PDF)

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Undergraduate Research

Find research opportunities and funding resources

  • 1:34 How to find research opportunities at the University
  • 1:57 Research opportunities by department
  • 2:32 Funding for research-grant programs
  • 3:17 Summer research for international students
  • 3:42 Research fairs and expos

Office of Undergraduate Research website

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University Counseling Center (UCC)

When and how to connect with UCC

  • 0:33 How to set up an appointment with a counselor
  • 1:28 Same-day availability for urgent cases and 24-hour crisis line
  • 2:04 Counseling services, such as individual and group therapies (including group therapy for international students), TAO (Therapist-Assisted, Online) therapy
  • 2:46 Self-help and online screening resources

UCC website

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Wilson Commons Student Activities

Programs, activities, and student organizations hosted by WCSA

  • 0:20 Rochester traditions (four community weekend celebrations)
  • 1:24 Campus Community Connection (CCC) events and student organizations
  • 2:54 Student life spaces, including instrument practice rooms, community kitchen, gym, etc.
  • 3:18 Student employment
  • 3:49 Leadership development (Medallion Program)

WCSA website

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Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program (WSAP)

Tutoring sessions and other services provided by WSAP

  • 2:03 Tutors and where to find them
  • 2:19 Help with all kinds of writings at all stages
  • 3:30 Tutoring options (writing tutors, write-on, speaking fellows)
  • 5:24 How to make an appointment
  • 6:14 Writing groups and how to join them

WSAP website

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