CIRTL@UR: Teaching-As-Research Fellows Program

Monday 16 February, 2015: Joint U of R and Cornell TAR poster session - all welcome!

The University community is invited to join CIRTL@UR for a poster session at which the research of both U of R and Cornell University's TAR Fellows will present their research. It will take place in the Munnerlyn Auditorium (Goergen Building) between 2.00pm and 4.00pm on Monday February 16.

Some of the research that will be presented includes:

AMY LARSON, Molecular Biology and Genetics (Cornell): Removing Prerequisite COurses in Biochemistry: Help or Hindrance?

MARTIN LUKE McDERMOTT, Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Cornell): Analytical Chemistry of Beer:A Real-World Inquiry Lab Project

KRISTEN ROOSA, Physiology (Cornell): Student Engagement and Learning with Problem-Based Laboratories in Histology

JOHN FOO, Biomedical Engineering (Cornell): Using Think-Pair-Share to Improve Information Retention of Students in a Medical Physiology Course

SHAMA IYER, Biomedical Engineering (Cornell): A Biomedical Engineering-based Inquiry Module: Gelatin and Chemical Bonding for Healing a Wounded Soldier

LESLEY MARAINA CHAPMAN, Translational Medical Science (Rochester): Social Networks in Science: The effects of peer-to-peer social interactions on academic success in a genetics course

DEV CRASTA, Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology (Rochester): How Well Do Required Statistics Courses Prepare Students For High-Level Science: The Undergraduate Statistical Education Study

MEGAN HERR, Department of Public Health Sciences (Rochester): Differences in grades between graduates and undergraduates in a public health course

MEG WALTERS, Mathematics (Rochester): Calculus Class Comparison: Backgrounds and Nonstandard Problems

LETITIA JONES, Immunology, Microbiology and Virology (Rochester): What's the leak? Factors that may contribute to the low retention rate in science