Faculty Learning Groups

It's a place to speak freely, even vent a little. It's a place to engage with colleagues whose expertise and training differ from my own so dramatically that they solve, approach, and even define problems very differently than I do.

--Faculty Learning Group participant, Fall 2013

Faculty Learning Groups are small collections of faculty (10 or less) who meet regularly to discuss and develop their teaching.  Groups never include more than one member from the same department -- so participants can get a broad range of perspectives on teaching problems, and can get feedback and support from persons with no direct role in their promotion and work assignments.  CETL staff facilitate and organize group meetings, but the subjects of discussion and group activities are determined by the participants, according to their interests and needs.  As facilitators, CETL staff focus on building a supportive, safe and stimulating community among group members.

Stu Jordan and Jenny Hadingham organize groups at the beginning of each semester.  If you would like to join a group, or learn more about the program, contact Stu or Jenny.