CETL—For Graduate Students

Summer Teaching Made Easy workshop series - March/April 2015

Summer courses and highly condensed, and they typically enroll fewer students than academic-year courses. They consequently present special challenges to instructors, challenges that can be intensified when the instructor has had little or no prior experience designing and implementing his or her own course. This workshop series will prepare graduate students for the unique challenges of teaching summer courses, and will provide hands-on experience designing course materials (including a syllabus) that they can use directly in their own teaching.

This workshop series consists of four half-day sessions to take place during the spring semester (March 16, 23, 30 and April 16). Topics to be addressed include:

  • Setting course objectives;
  • Developing a syllabus (including teaching and learning activities, and assessment);
  • Classroom dynamics;
  • Active learning strategies;
  • Communicating course goals and objectives to students.

By the end of the series, students will have developed a syllabus outlining course objectives, materials, and learning strategies that they can circulate to students on the first day of class.

Workshop takeaways:

  • Course objectives (aligned with teaching and learning activities, and assessment tasks);
  • Practice in the use of lectures, discussion and group work;
  • Classroom strategies to handle difficult situations;
  • Self confidence in their own ability to teach.

If you are interested in joining, please email Dr Jenny Hadingham (jennifer.hadingham@rochester.edu) by February 15 2015.