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Symposium explores 'disability' and 'normalcy'
A number of University departments are sponsoring UR's first Disability Studies Cluster Symposium, "Complicating Normalcy: Disability, Technology, and Society in the Twenty-First Century." The day-long event on Friday, Nov. 14, will be organized around the documentary film FIXED—The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement.

The film explores the meanings of "disability" and "normalcy" in contemporary times through the examination of technological and pharmacological advances designed to "fix or enhance the human body," and the bioethical implications and social tensions that arise from these scientific advances. Register here.

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Methods of Inquiry Course Offered in Two Sections this Fall
MW 6:15 - 7:30, taught by Ali Safivand, Lattimore 431, October 15 - November 24
and TR 4:50 - 6:05, taught by Robin Frye, Dewey 4-162, October 16 - November 25
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