Values Ambassadors

Fraternity and Sorority Values Ambassadors represent the Fraternity and Sorority Community in providing leadership development, training, and resources to enhance fraternity and sorority life at the University of Rochester. Values Ambassadors assess the leadership needs of the community, create large scale programs to enhance leadership skills among members of all three governing councils, and work with individual organizations to assist them with their unique leadership growth.

Responsibilities of a Values Ambassador:

  • Develop and deliver content for major Fraternity and Sorority leadership programs in collaboration with FSA staff.
  • Share information through social media regarding Fraternity/Sorority values alignment.
  • Create and promote educational programs which address major challenges facing fraternity/sorority life.
  • Serve as the assigned Values Ambassador for 2-3 chapters to provide individualized leadership resources and training with those organizations.

For information about the Values Ambassador program, contact Jon Macoskey, Head Values Ambassador, at

Meet our 2014-15 Values Ambassadors!

Values Ambassadors