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Cost of Rochester

The cost of attendance is comprised of our estimates of the direct costs you will pay to the University and the indirect educational costs that you will incur. Direct costs include tuition and mandatory fees, while indirect costs include estimates for off-campus rent, food, books, transportation between a local residence and campus, and personal expenses. Items such as car payments, credit card payments, moving expenses, job search expenses or other non-educational expenses cannot be included in the cost of attendance per federal guidelines.

Provided below is the cost of attendance information for your program. The direct costs of tuition and fees are variable depending on your program. Remember that indirect costs account for items such as housing and meals, regardless of where you will be living while enrolled at Rochester and are estimates only. These costs will be variable depending on your budgeting during the academic year.

For more detailed information regarding all direct costs, including on-campus housing at Rochester, review the Bursar’s Office website.