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Auditing a Class

Auditing a course within Arts, Sciences and Engineering related to a degree program is permitted for full-time and part-time graduate students when approved by the course instructor. There is a fee to audit a course that is not covered by tuition scholarship. PhD students may petition to have this fee covered by the Dean's Office if the audit is required as part of the student's program of study. The petition to cover the audit fee must be submitted before the end of the Add/Drop period via the Audit Fee Waiver Request Form, which must be signed by the student's faculty advisor and the course instructor.

The audited course will appear on the student's transcript provided the student attends throughout the course. Auditing a course is worth zero credit hours and a grade is not issued. Students who do wish to receive credit for such a course may do so by (1) changing the registration in the office of the graduate registrar prior to the end of the sixth full week of classes in a given semester, and (2) paying the required tuition for the course. Note that once a course has been audited, it cannot be repeated for credit without prior approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.