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EPA Internships in Europe

Policy on Plagiarism

Plagiarism is literary theft, intentional or unintentional. It is the use of a unique idea or phrase which does not originate with the user, without proper acknowledgement of the source.

In the analytic journal, credit to the original source of major or unique ideas (i.e., ideas which you could not and did not arrive at by yourself) must be given in the form of footnotes or in clear allusions at the proper places in the journal itself. These precise indications of source must be given whether the material is paraphrased or quoted directly. An appended bibliography only is insufficient acknowledgement.

Quotation marks must enclose all direct quotations even though the quoted material is no more than occasional phrases interspersed with original observations.

Infractions of these rules regarding plagiarism are turned over to the Board of Academic Honesty at the University of Rochester.