Faculty IT Resources

Here is a list of IT resources to help Faculty and teaching staff with pedagogical objectives


Do you need your lecture to be recorded for later viewing? Or do you want to have a guest speaker appear during the semester via Skype video chat? There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to using video conferencing to enhance your course.

Do you want a course website? Do you want to post assignments online? Do you want students to submit assignments electronically? Or even give quizzes online? You can also have a discussion board or other types of collaborative engagements with students outside of class through the use of a Learning Management website like Blackboard.

To present something in class will you need a VHS tape converted to a digital file? Or will you need clips to be cut out of a larger piece of video? Do you need a document converted from paper to PDF? Some of that work can all be dropped off and the work done for you through Multimedia

Is your classroom large enough to fit your enrollment? Is it equipped with a projector? Is there a desktop computer already installed in that room for you to use? You can lookup a classroom with the equipment you need for your class and ask your department admin to contact the registrar and they can help book you into a different classroom.


Will you require students to use a piece of software to do homework for their class assignments? Ever wonder what software is already available?  You can find out more about public computing labs and software available.

Do you have students who need Learning Assistance? Does someone need help brushing up on their study skills? Or do they need help with a disability? From the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to the Multimedia Center in Rush Rhees there's a number of ways to accommodate students. Read more about Accessibility.

Additional Support

In your department, who is responsible for helping when your desktop or laptop needs some assistance? Each department has a Desktop Support person who can help you with those problems. Submit your requests through the Help Desk.

Outside of teaching and learning you might run into other needs relating to departmental website's, or a website for your Research Lab or a website for your Program. College Web Services provides a range of editing and design services to help you keep information up to date or to help bootstrap a wholly new website.

For further assistance:

Contact Eric Likness
Phone: 585-275-8179
Email: Faculty Support Specialist