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Another Opportunity To Succeed

While I hope that you, the Kearns Scholars, are filling your summer with worthwhile experiences, it is important to note that an exciting opportunity is coming up.  It is one that you have known about for a while, have expected, and hopefully looked forward to with great excitement.  Before you know it, it will be time for a new semester to start.

While I hope you have no trouble with your commute, the showing up that Woody Allen refers to is about opportunity.  Regardless of how good or poorly you did last semester you will have the opportunity in a few months to change the rest of your life.

This semester could be the time you get a 4.0, start a research project, get published, play a varsity sport, have the best event BSU or SALSA has ever seen, live off campus for the first time, get in to the lab you have always wanted, apply to graduate school, crush the GRE, study abroad, start a new major, finish your major, or be the happiest you have ever been.

Opportunity.  That is what you have been given—a new semester that is not affected by the past and can be the point where you look back in ten years and say “hey, that’s the time when I learned who I would be and what I would become.”

Please take some time to think about what this semester will mean to you.  Set goals, make plans, and dream big. 

We will be here to help.

Nick Valentino


About the Author

Nick Valentino

Nick Valentino is the Assistant Director for College Programs at the Kearns Center.  He has been with the UR since 2007.

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