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Student Corner

Beverly Wong

Name: Beverly Wong

Hometown: Piscataway, NJ

Major: Neuroscience

Clubs/Activities at UR: WRUR Chief Engineer, Strong Jugglers, Research Assistant at URMC

Future plans: Medical School

Favorite thing about UR: Its strong ties to both music (ESM) and medicine/science (URMC) - it's so obvious, but I don't think I could have had my combination of music and research experiences anywhere else.

Favorite thing about Rochester, NY: The juggling community - between the Strong Jugglers at UR, jugglers at RIT, and the professional jugglers around here, there's a lot of incredible talent and amazing performances.

Favorite thing about the Kearns Center: The advisers of course! They are incredibly helpful and supportive - from giving graduate school and career advice, application help, to just being there to talk to when the semesters get crazy.

Advice for undergraduates: What you can say about your experiences is all that really matters in the end, especially for a job or grad school - so don't just get involved, but also make them meaningful experiences you can talk about!


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