University of Rochester

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Student Corner

Susana Gutierrez

Name:  Pantelis Antoniou

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Major:  Molecular Genetics (BS), with a double minor in Chemistry and Business

Clubs/Activities at UR: Amnesty International, Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Student Alumni Ambassador, Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Future plans:  To go into health care

Favorite thing about UR:  The flexibility in the curriculum, and the number of classes to choose from

Favorite thing about Rochester, NY:  It's an underestimated city with great potential...every year here I find out something new and interesting about Rochester.

Favorite thing about the Kearns Center: The advising provided and the opportunities to help students through summer classes, connections with professors, and many other opportunities.

Advice for undergraduates:   Be sure to take the initiative to get involved on campus and interact with your professors as soon as possible!


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