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Student Corner

Shenice Morris

Name:Shenice Morris

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.

Major: Spanish and Public Health: Health, Behavior and Society

Clubs/Activities at UR: UR Swing Club, Publicity Chair for Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Publicity Chair for Student Association for Vegan and Vegetarian Youth (SAVVY)

Future plans: Graduate School

Favorite thing about UR: The people. The people I meet are so studious but down to earth at the same time. Also, whenever you need help with your studies the students are always willing to offer help.

Favorite thing about Rochester, NY: For me personally, there is a sphere that reflects all of my passions. For example, I can swing dance at the Tango Cafe for $4 every Wednesday, I can protest with the different activist groups in Rochester, not just the groups on campus. I can eat yummy vegan food for a good price and I can travel on public transportation for $1!

Favorite thing about the Kearns Center: I really appreciate the support and enrichment opportunities the Kearns Center offers. For example, the Center puts on different meetings for us to attend. We had gatherings to learn about graduate school and study abroad from students who studied abroad.

Advice for undergraduates: Apply to Kearns! You will meet students who are just as passionate as you about your studies and there will be a network of adults who can answer questions and guide you because they were in your shoes once. Also, they have first hand experience on the place you want to be, graduate school. Kearns is like a family, checking on you and making sure that everything works out in your best interest.


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