Materials Science


N. Adolrahim, Mechanical Engineering, 

M. Anthamatten, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-273-5526, Macromolecular self-assembly; associative & functional polymers; nanostructured materials; interfacial phenomena; optoelectronic materials; vapor deposition polymerization.

H.Awad, Biomedical Engineering, (585-273-5268,

A.Badolato, Physics & Astronomy, (585-275-4396;

D.Benoit, Biomedical Engineering, (585-723-2698;

N.P. Bigelow, Physics and Astronomy, (585-275-8549; Atomic, molecular and optical physics. Materials fabrication, advanced lithography, laser physics, nonlinear optics, optically detected magnetic resonance and optical materials.

M.F. Bocko, Electrical and Computer Engineering, (585-275-4879; Acoustic and electrical losses of metals and ceramics at low temperatures.

R.W. Boyd, Optics, (585-275-2329; Development of nonlinear optical materials, especially materials having a composite structure.

S.J. Burns, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Chair of Mechanical Engineering (585-275-4082; Fracture of solids, mechanical properties of metals, ceramics and polymers, ceramic superconductors, solid state phase changes.

S.H. Chen, Chemical Engineering, Co-Director of Materials Science, and Senior Scientist in the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (585-275-0909; Polymer science and engineering, glass-forming liquid crystals, mesomorphic conjugated polymers, optical, photonic and optoelectronic materials, computational chemistry, vapor deposition, polymerization.

E. Chimowitz, Chemical Engineering (585-275-8497; Critical phenomena statistical mechanics of fluids and computer-aided design.

H. Dery, Electrical and Computer Engineering, (585-275-3870;

L. DeLouise, Dermatology, (585-275-1810;

S. Dewhurst, Microbiology and Immunology, (585-275-3216;

W. Donaldson, Electrical and Computer Engineering/LLE, (585-275-5347;

I. Franco, Chemistry, (585-275-8209;   Physical and Theoretical Chemistry.

P.D. Funkenbusch, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-4074; Material processing especially powder processing and deformation. Structure, property relationships in metals and ceramics.

Chunlei Guo, Optics, (585-275-2134; High Intensity Laser-Matter Interactions, Ultrafast Phenomena

T. B. Jones, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-5233; Microelectromechanical systems, micro Total Analysis systems, sensors and actuators.

J. Jorne, Chemical Engineering, (585-275-4584; Electrochemistry of materials, nanofabrication and microelectronics processing, photoluminescence in porous silicon.

D. H. Kelley, Mechanical Engineerings and Materials Science, (585-275-7769; Mixing and transport in fluids, liquid metal batteries, geophysical fluid dynamics, dynamical systems.

T.D. Krauss, Chemistry and Materials Science, (585-275-5093; Nanometer scale materials, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots, biological sensors, non-linear optical devices, single nanoparticle spectroscopy.

J.C. Lambropoulos, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-4071; Fracture of glasses and ceramics, crystal growth, thermomechanics of thin films, laser damage, deterministic microgrinding, optics manufacturing.

J.C.M. Li , Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-4038; Micromechanisms of mechanical behavior in crystalline and amorphous materials including metallic glasses, porous materials, and polymers.

S. Lukishova, Optics, ( 585-276-5283;

J. McGrath, Biomedical Engineering, (585-273-5489;

B.L.Miller, Dermatology, (585-275-9805;

H. Mukaibo, Chemical Engineering, (585-275-4040;

B. Nilsson, Chemistry, (585-276-3053;

O. Prezhdo, Chemistry, (585-276-5664;

D.J. Quesnel, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-5215; Deformation behavior of metals and polymers; fundamentals of fatigue and fracture, molecular mechanics, contact mechanics.

J. L. Pipher, Physics & Astronomy, (585-275-4402; Development of infrared detector arrays for space astrophysics with the following attributes: low noise, low dark current, high quantum efficiency, low power dissipation, rad hard, and capable of excellent performance at passively cooled focal plane temperatures.

J. Rolland, Optics, Physics, (585-273-4040;

L.J. Rothberg, Chemistry and Director of Materials Science Program, (585-275-4725; Organic device science, optical properties of conjugated polymers, charge transport in molecular solids, fabrication and operation of organic LEDs, transistors,and photovoltaics.

A. Shestopalov, Chemical Engineering, (585-276-5434;

R. Sobolewski, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Senior Scientist in the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, (585-275-1551; Superconductivity, optoelectronics, solid-state thin-film technologies, ultrafast phenomena in condensed matter, microwaves.

C.W. Tang, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, (585) 275-3552; Applications of organic electronic devices – organic light emitting diodes, solar cells, photoconductors, image sensors, photoreceptors. Organic thin-film devices, junction phenomena, flat-panel display technology based on organic light emitting diodes.

W. Tenhaeff, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-2110, Electrochemical Energy Storage, Solid State Lithium Batteries, Solid Electrolytes, Polymer Thin Films & Interfaces, Thin Film Synthesis & Characterization, Vacuum Deposition Techniques.

R. Waugh, Biomedical Engineering, (585-275-3768;

G.W. Wicks, Optics, (585-275-4867; Epitaxial growth of semiconductors, optical properties of semiconductors, optoelectronic devices.

J-H.D. Wu, Chemical Engineering, (585-275-8499; Biochemical engineering, fermentation, biocatalysis, bone marrow tissue engineering, molecular biology.

M. Z. Yates, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (585-273-2335; Colloids and Interfaces, Materials Synthesis in Microemulsions, Nanoparticle/Polymer Composites, Supercritical Fluids, Microencapsulation