Multidisciplinary Studies Center

Certificate Program in Polish and Central European Studies


  • James D. Johnson, Ph.D. (Chicago) Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Kathleen Parthé, Ph.D. (Cornell) Associate Professor of Russian
  • Randall Stone, Ph.D. (Harvard) Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies

Certificate Requirements

The Polish and Central European Certificate Program provides students with an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary knowledge about Poland and Central Europe. Interested students should put together a list of 10 courses (or 40 credit hours) with the following departmental distribution:

  • 6 courses from the Primary list, of which:
  • 4 must be in social sciences (political science, economics, or history) and
  • 2 must be in languages (any western Slavic language, Rumanian, Hungarian, or Yiddish)or cultures (anthropology, art, film studies, music, philosophy, theater, or religion); and
  • 4 additional courses from either the Primary or Secondary list. Substitutes for these courses may be approved by the student’s PCE Studies advisor. Up to two substitute courses may be foreign language courses above the 105 level.
  • Notes:
  • Courses transferred from another college must be approved by the student’s PCE Studies advisor.
  • No primary course may be taken satisfactory/fail, and no more than one secondary course may be taken satisfactory/fail. Students must earn an overall grade-point average of at least 2.0 in courses submitted for the certificate.
  • Interested students should apply by the spring semester of their junior year.
  • Upon graduation, students successfully completing the PCE Studies program will receive a certificate in Polish and Central European Studies.


Primary Courses in Political Science and History

  • PSC 106 Introduction to International Relations
  • PSC 251/ANT 262 Old and New Nationalism in Eastern Europe
  • PSC 254/WST 281 Feminism: East and West
  • PSC 255/ANT 250/FS 256 Political Films: Poland and Eastern Europe
  • PSC 256 Globalization of Post-Communist Economics
  • PSC 269 Communism & Democracy in E. Europe
  • PSC 272 Theories of International Relations
  • PSC 292 Politics & Economies of Post-Communist Transformation
  • PSC 383 Culture and Politics
  • HIS 116 History of Poland
  • HIS 206/REL 218 The Holocaust
  • HIS 241/RUS 248/CLT 209/JST 248 Politics of Identify: Russians, Poles, Jews, & Communists
  • HIS 301W Europe and WWII
  • POL 101 Elementary Polish I
  • POL 102 Elementary Polish II
  • POL 105 Intermediate Polish
  • POL 107 Polish in Poland
  • REL 220/JST 289 Masters of Yiddish Literature in Trans.
  • YDH 102 Intermediate Yiddish
  • RST 161 Europe Today
  • RUS 289/HIS 243 Dangerous Texts: Literature and Politics in Russia

Primary Courses offered occasionally by Visiting Faculty

  • AH 460 Art after Communism in Poland
  • ENG 355V Joseph Conrad
  • ENG 388 The Theater of the End of the 20th Century
  • HIS 116 For Bread & Butter:Immigration from Central Eastern Europe to the U.S.
  • HIS 119 The Rise of the Modern Nation in East Central Europe
  • MHS 590 Polish Music
  • PSC 143 Constitutional Systems of Central Europe
  • PSC 253 Comparative Political Parties
  • PSC 257 Small Town Transitions in Poland
  • REL 319 Religion and State in Contemporary Poland
  • REL 320 Psychology of Religion
  • Rel 324 Religions in Poland

Secondary Courses

  • CLT 282A Marx & Marxiam
  • HIST 100 History of Modern Europe I
  • HIS 101 History of Modern Europe II: 1650-1990
  • HIS 117/WST 201 Women in History: Modern Europe
  • HIS 151 History of Imperial Russia
  • HIS 152 Stalin’s Russia
  • HIS 153/RUS 127 Russia Now
  • HIS 154/RUS 126 Russia Now
  • HIS 205 Europe since 1945
  • HIS 214 Europe and the Great War
  • HIS 225 Germany & Austria: 1870-1914
  • HIS 301W History of Race in Europe
  • HIS 318 Making of European Nations
  • PSC 220 Social Movements in the U.S.
  • PSC 265 Race, Politics, & Society
  • RST 247/RUS 247 Secret Nation
  • RUS 128/RST 128W/HIS 150 Russian Civilization

A current list of courses (including courses offered by visiting faculty on a one-time basis) is available at the Center for Polish and Central European Studies and transfer/substitute courses must be approved by the student’s PCE advisor.

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