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Academic Advising

The College Center for Advising Services is the single best place for undergraduates to come with any academic-related question or concern. Advisors are available for appointments, Monday through Friday. Students may also see advisors on a walk-in basis. Students who need to see an academic advisor for help in choosing their courses are encouraged to do so before the start of classes.

Adding, Dropping, or Withdrawing from Classes

The deadline for online course registration is May 13, 2018.  Online registration for the second session will reopen from June 11 - 24, 2018.  After online registration has closed, registration must be completed by filling out a paper registration form, paying for your course at the Bursar's Office and having them stamp your registration form.  If it is after the first day of class, you will also need to acquire the instructor's signature on your registration form. This form must be returned to Lattimore 120.  The deadlines for withdrawing from a course or adding a new course can be found below.

Session A1

May 21 - June 15

Session A2

May 21 - June 29

Session B1

July 2 - July 27

Session B2

July 2 - August 10

Add/Drop DeadlineMay 27May 31July 8July 12
Withdraw deadlineJune 8June 19July 20July 31

Courses dropped before the add/drop deadline will be deleted entirely from the official record. After the add/drop deadline will appear on the official records noted with a “W.”  After the withdraw deadline, students must take the grade given.

To add a course after online registration has closed, up to the add/drop deadline you should:

  • Fill out the paper registration and financial statement forms.
  • Have your professor sign the registration form if the class has already started.
  • Take the forms to the Bursar’s Office with full payment. They will stamp your form.
  • Take the stamped, signed registration form to the Office of Summer Programs and Part-Time Studies, 120 Lattimore Hall.

Adding a course after the deadline requires a petition for an exception to The College policy. Petition forms are available online, at the Office of Summer Programs and Part-Time Studies (120 Lattimore) or at The College Center for Academic Advising (312 Lattimore).

To drop a course, fill out an official Drop/Add form and submit it to the Academic Services counter, 312 Lattimore Hall before the end of the add/drop deadline. Drop/Add forms are available there or at the Office of Summer Programs and Part Time Studies, 120 Lattimore Hall. The date the form is submitted is the effective date of the registration change.

Official withdrawal from a course is the responsibility of the student, who must file a withdrawal request as noted above. Notice to instructors: Telephone calls to offices on campus, or failure to attend classes are NOT considered official notice of intent to withdraw. The official date of withdrawal determines the amount of tuition refunded. Tuition refund amounts can be found under the ‘Refund Schedule.’ 


Courses offered during the summer are typically four credits each. Some courses have a corresponding one-credit lab. Current UR undergraduates can count summer session courses toward their degree. Visiting students should check with their home institution regarding the ability of credits from UR courses to transfer. Students can enroll in up to 12.99 credits for the entire summer term. Students wishing to enroll in more than 12.99 credits will need to complete a paper registration form and have it signed by an advisor in 312 Lattimore Hall for approval to add the credits.

No more than six courses (24 credits) may be transferred to a College degree program by students whose first experience at the UR is as a non-matriculated student.

Grades and Transcripts

All students are able to view and print their grades through Student UR ACCESS Plus! using their NetID and password. Official transcripts can also be requested online. Request your transcripts online using your UID and PIN. You may also request transcripts by faxing (585) 275-2190 or mailing your request to the Office of the University Registrar, 127 Lattimore Hall, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627.

The Satisfactory/Fail Option is not available to students taking summer courses.

Learning Assistance Services

Any student who wants help improving his or her academic performance is invited to use the University’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. During the summer, CETL offers study skills counseling and support for students with disabilities. These services are available on an individual appointment basis with no charge to students.

Services for Students with Disabilities

The University of Rochester is committed to offering accessible programs and services to students with disabilities. Students needing support services are encouraged to contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to discuss their needs before the start of classes by calling 585-275-9049, emailing, or visiting the office in 1-154 Dewey Hall. The Disability Support Coordinator will treat such conversations confidentially to the maximum extent possible. A student will not be considered to have self-identified a disability until the student has specifically expressed a desire to do so. For more information, visit the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning website.


The Barnes and Noble Bookstore on the River Campus, located on the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Mt. Hope Avenue in College Town, sells textbooks and materials for your classes. For more information, including hours of operation and online ordering options, please visit

University Rights and Policies

For information on policies and students’ rights, please visit the Registrar’s website.