Goergen Awards

The generous support of University Trustee Robert Goergen and his wife, Pamela, enables the College to recognize, reward and encourage strong and innovative undergraduate teaching. The Goergen Awards, presented each year since 1997, demonstrate the range of contributions to undergraduate learning by members of the College faculty and staff, both individually and collectively.

In 2010 the Goergen Awards program was redesigned to make larger awards focused exclusively on excellence in undergraduate teaching by individual faculty members. The awards are now presented at the annual Goergen Awards Ceremony in October.

All nominations must be submitted to the dean of the College, Jeffrey Runner. Questions about these awards should be directed to sarah.vanmunster@rochester.edu. Selections will be made by the Hajim School Dean, the School of Arts and Sciences Dean, and the Dean of the College.

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Formerly Distinguished Achievement & Artistry in Undergraduate Teaching.

The Goergen Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching recognizes the distinctive teaching accomplishments and skills of faculty in Arts, Sciences and Engineering. The Award aims to acknowledge the full scope of work that contributes to excellence in undergraduate education. It can be given for distinguished teaching in large introductory courses or advanced seminars. In addition to being given for superior classroom performance, it can recognize innovation in course design or teaching methods, the creative use of educational technology, the integration of research and teaching, the capacity to elicit superior work from students, or the mentoring of students in independent study projects and senior essays.

The College invites nominations from all sectors of the College: undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff members, and administrators. Nominations should make a case for the nominee’s distinctive achievement in undergraduate teaching. Students wishing to make nominations are encouraged to work with the nominee’s department to assemble the required information. The nomination may include letters of support from faculty colleagues who have substantial knowledge of the nominee’s teaching or innovation in curricular or pedagogical areas; letters from students, teaching assistants, or others who have been influenced by the nominee’s activities; and other supporting documents highlighting excellence, such as SCOQ results, information about grants related to pedagogy or course development, or other teaching awards. All nominations must be submitted to the dean of the College, Jeffrey Runner, no later than August 25, 2017. Early submissions are encouraged. The Hajim School Dean, the School of Arts and Sciences Dean, and the Dean of the College shall make the final decision.

The selection committee may make three awards of $15,000 each.


Goergen Award for Distinguished Achievement
and Artistry in Undergraduate Education
2016 Beth Jorgensen Modern Languages and Cultures
2016 Amy Lerner Biomedical Engineering
2016 Bradley Nilsson Chemistry
2015 Andrew Elliot Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
2015 John Kessler Earth and Environmental Sciences
2015 Deborah Rossen-Knill Writing, Speaking and Argument Program
2014 Julie Bentley Institute of Optics
2014 Jonathan Pakianathan Mathematics
2014 Jeffrey Tucker English
2013 Bonnie Meguid Political Science
2013 Anne Merideth Religion and Classics
2013 John Michael English
2012 Mark Bocko Electrical and Computer Engineering
2012 Alison Frontier Chemistry
2012 Richard Kaueper History
2011 Dan-Andrei Geba Mathematics
2011 John Givens Modern Languages & Cultures
2011 Joanna Scott English
2010 Carmala Garzione Earth & Environmental Sciences
2010 Kenneth Gross English
2010 Renato Perucchio Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
2009 Todd Krauss Chemistry
2009 G. Bingham Powell Political Science
2009 Harry Reis Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
2008 Fred Cohen Mathematics
2008 Robert Foster Anthropology
2008 James Longenbach English
2007 Claudia Schaefer Modern Languages & Cultures
2007 Robert Holmes Philosophy Department
2007 Andrew Berger Institute of Optics
2006 Susan Gustafson German Studies
2006 Jeffrey Runner Linguistics and Brain & Cognitive Sciences
2006 Dan Martin Watson Physics & Astronomy
2005 James Farrar Chemistry
2005 Emil Homerin Religion and Classics
2005 David Primo Political Science
2004 Thomas DiPiero French and Visual & Cultural Studies
2004 Wayne Knox Institute of Optics
2003 James Johnson Political Science
2003 Allen Topolski Art and Art History
2002 Douglas Brooks Religion and Classics
2002 Patrick Davies Clinical and Social Psychology
2002 Diane Dalecki Biomedical Engineering
2002 Tom Eickbush Biology
2001 Curt Cadorette Religion and Classics
2001 Thomas Hahn English
2001 Michael Scott Computer Science
2001 John Tarduno Earth and Environmental Sciences
2000 Loisa Bennetto Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
2000 Joseph Eberly Physics
2000 Kim Kowalke Music
1999 Daniel Albright English
1999 Naomi Jochnowitz Mathematics
1999 Jack Kampmeier Chemistry
1999 Ian Walmsley Optics
1998 Alfred Clark, Jr. Mechanical Engineering & Mathematics
1998 Gerald Gamm Political Science & History
1998 Steven Gonek Mathematics
1998 Russell Peck English
1997 Celia Applegate History
1997 Theodore Brown Community and Preventative Medicine
1997 Michael Gage Mathematics
1997 Barbara Ilardi Clinical & Social Psychology
1997 Thomas Krugh Chemistry
1997 Frank Wolfs Physics & Astronomy


Goergen Award for Curricular Achievement in Undergraduate Education 1997-2009
2009 Center for Study Abroad and Interdepartmental Programs
2008 International Theatre Program
2007 Take Five Scholars Program
2005 Department of Biomedical Engineering
2005 Department of Political Science
2004 Department of Computer Science
2004 Physical Chemistry Curriculum, Department of Chemistry
2002 College Workshop Courses, Department of English
2001 College Writing Program
2000 Anthropology
2000 History
1999 Brain and Cognitive Sciences
1998 Mathematics (for its calculus program)
1997 College Music Programs
1997 Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences


Goergen Award for Distinguished Contributions
to Undergraduate Learning 1997-2009
YearRecipient (Individual or Department)
2009 Anne-Marie Algier, Associate Dean of Students and Director, Wilson Commons Student Activities
2008 Jane Possee, Associate Director of Athletics & Recreation
2007 Jody Asbury, Dean of Students
2006 The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program
2005 Ovide Corriveau, Senior Operations Officer in the College
2004 Terry Gurnett, Associate Director of Alumni Relations & Development; Women’s Soccer Team Coach
2003 Suzanne O'Brien, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
2002 George VanderZwaag, Director of Athletics & Recreation
2002 Sam Nelson, English, University Debate Union
2001 Richard Aslin, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
2000 Ronald Dow, Dean of River Campus Libraries
1999 Dale McAdam, Dean of Freshmen, Psychology
1999 Office of Minority Student Affairs
1998 Program for Women in Science and Engineering
1998 Community Service Network
1997 College Curriculum Committee - Paul Slattery (Chair), Rogert Angerer, Celia Applegate, Douglas Brooks, Richard Feldman, William Scott Green, Suzanne O'Brien, Alan Stockman