Undergraduate Program in
Public Health

Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate Class

Five majors comprise the public health program at Rochester:

  • Bioethics (BA)
  • Environmental Health (BS)
  • Epidemiology (BA)
  • Health, Behavior, and Society (BA)
  • Health Policy (BA)

Regardless of major, our goal is to educate you in an interdisciplinary framework of understanding and responding to global, regional, and local public health challenges.

The curriculum integrates a wide array of disciplines that support the field of public health. The majors are united by a shared set of core competencies. Each major also incorporates a variety of disciplines that support the research needs of the specific major.

Of the four majors, three qualify as majors in the social sciences (epidemiology; health, behavior, and society; and health policy), one qualifies as a major in the natural sciences (environmental health), and one qualifies as a major in the humanities (bioethics). In addition, we offer four minors, each comprising six courses.