Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an accomplished photographer to enter the program?

No. Students should have a demonstrated knowledge of photography, museum practice, and/or visual culture. 

When is the deadline for admission?

Students applying for fall 2017 admission must complete their applications by March 3rd, 2017. Prospective students are encouraged to apply early and will be notified in advance of the application deadline of early acceptance into the program.

Are George Eastman Museum and the University of Rochester part of the same institution?

George Eastman Museum and the University of Rochester are separate, not-for-profit institutions about two and a half miles apart in Rochester, New York. Longstanding collaborations between the two institutions exist.

Are PPCM students enrolled at the University of Rochester or at George Eastman Museum?

While students will take courses on both campuses and be taught by personnel from both institutions, the PPCM master’s degree is a University of Rochester degree.

How much is tuition?

The PPCM master's degree is 36 credit hours. View a complete schedule of 2016-2017 fees here. Students admitted to the PPCM program are eligible for up to a 50% tuition award.

Will this program qualify me to become a conservator?

No. The PPCM degree is focused on preservation, rather than conservation. Preservation involves proper handling of photographic materials, as well as the most current recommendations for proper environmental conditions in the storage and display of photographs. Student also learn to recognize signs of deterioration and when it is appropriate to consult a conservator. This program does not prepare students to perform treatments on objects, which requires extensive training specific to the field of conservation.

What types of jobs can graduates expect to be qualified for?

Graduates of similar programs have gone on to become archivists, collection managers, preservationists, and registrars, in addition to a variety of other unique professions related to the care and management of photography collections. With further training, our graduates have also gone on to become conservators and curators.

Are there any paid work opportunities for students?

Opportunities vary from year to year. Please inquire with the PPCM program manager for more information.