Photo Descriptions

Sunset on Dandelion Square.

Alex Parker '12, a Political Science major from Florida, on the baseball field.

International flags in Wilson Commons.

The United States Capitol.

Women's crew on the Genesee River, Meliora Weekend 2009.

Emilio Veras '13 (Political Science) and Willie Roberson '14 (Political Science), selecting courses for the upcoming semester.

Kenny Apostolakos '14 (Public Health) and Dan Scheinfeld '13 (Political Science), working as research assistants with state legislative journals.

Ruins in front of the Capitol, Richmond, Virginia, 1865. (National Archives)

Professor Richard G. Niemi in his office.

Chalkboard from "Comparative Political Parties," with Professor Bonnie Meguid.

Meliora--"ever better"--the University motto.

Fall color in the Eastman Quad, with the Genesee River and the Nineteenth Ward in the distance.

Diwali dinner at the University of Rochester.

The 2010 Riker Prize Lecture, as Professor James Johnson introduces the speaker, Howard Rosenthal.

Professor Lynda Powell, teaching "Money in Politics."

Detail of a flagpole at the University of Rochester.

Miguel Rueda, PhD student, in his office.

Professor G. Bingham Powell, Jr., teaching "Introduction to Comparative Politics."

Professor Gerald Gamm, advising undergraduates in his office.

Civil War soldiers at rest after drill, Petersburg, Virginia, 1864. (National Archives)

Spring on the Eastman Quad, with Rush Rhees Library in the background.

University of Rochester's Rush Rhees Library, with city skyline in the distance.

Sarah Canny '13 (International Relations) and Maryann Hong '13 (Political Science), declaring their majors.

Students taking notes in "Introduction to Comparative Politics," with Professor G. Bingham Powell, Jr.

Students working at a polling place, assisting a voter.

A fall day at the University of Rochester.

Professor Mark Fey, in his graduate class "Positive Political Theory."

Professor Tasos Kalandrakis, teaching "Game Theory."

Professor David Primo in his office.

Water balloon fight on Wilson Quad.

Professor Tasos Kalandrakis, teaching "Game Theory."

Professor Randall Stone, in his graduate class "International Politics Field Seminar."

John Whiting '12, a Political Science major who spent the spring semester of his junior year working on Capitol Hill, on the football field.

Studying on the balcony of Rush Rhees Library.

Fall color in the Eastman Quad, framing Rush Rhees Library.

American troops of the 28th Infantry Division march down the Champs Elysees, Paris, 29 August 1944. (National Archives)

At the 2010 Riker Prize Lecture: (from left to right) Lawrence Rothenberg, Richard F. Fenno, Jr., Donna J. Smith, William T. Bluhm, and Mark Fey.

Detail of Rush Rhees Library at the University of Rochester.

Matthew Testerman, PhD student, in his office.

Katie Flaschner '14, who is planning a double major in Political Science and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, playing field hockey.

Professor Bonnie Meguid, teaching "Comparative Political Parties."

Undergraduates in "Game Theory," with Professor Tasos Kalandrakis.

The Department of Music Brass Choir, performing in Strong Auditorium.

Professor Lawrence Rothenberg in his office.

Professor Bethany Lacina in her office.

Professor Gerald Gamm, at the 2010 Riker Prize ceremony.

Talking on the steps, with Wilson Commons in the background.

A graduate class in the Fenno Seminar Room.