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What does it mean to be human? We explore that question by creating and examining culture in its myriad forms and across disciplines: literature, media, philosophy, religion, visual and performing arts, and much more.

Illustration of Martian invasion

Martian fascination

Jeffrey Tucker examines why the Red Planet continues to fascinate storytellers of all genres, and how science fiction can give readers a closer look at the present.

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Drawing of medieval warriors on horseback

Removing the filter on medieval chivalry

A new book by Richard Kaeuper looks at chivalry through a strictly medieval lens, without all the usual romanticism.

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Christensen with assistant in field.

Art, science combine to detect 'authorship' of historic structures

Peter Christensen is developing a tool that determines the characteristics of structures and objects throughout history, noting individuality and subtle differences while giving credit to the original creators.

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Museo de Historia de Madrid

Book focuses on public displays in the Spanish Frontier

Professor Thomas Devaney’s new book looks at staged public events and spectacles in 15th century Spain, helping to shape the country’s narrowing ideologies. (Photo: Museo de Historia de Madrid)

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Jennifer Grotz

Professor receives fellowship for literary translation studies

The National Endowment for the Arts awarded Jennifer Grotz a grant to translate several poems by Polish writer Jerzy Ficowski.

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Barbed wire fence (Photo: Flickr/Kate Ter Haar)

The impact of religion on mass incarceration

Josh Dubler and his colleague attempt to shed new light on how changes in America’s religious landscape have contributed to growth in the prison system over the last 40 years. (Photo: Flickr/Kate Ter Haar)

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Screen Still

The Poitier Effect

Sharon Willis argues that Sir Sidney Poitier’s image on screen creates a false sense of equality that continues to appear in the popular media and remains damaging to race relations today.

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World Map Illustration

Book explores discovery of the unknown

What is exploration? And what distinguishes it from travel, discovery, or adventure? Stewart Weaver’s survey of exploration through the ages offers some answers.

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inspireJAM dancer

Shall we dance? A cross-disciplinary approach

The Program of Dance and Movement embraces a cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach to its coursework, festivals, guest speakers, and more, explains director Missy Pfohl Smith.

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Collage of Japanese Artwork

Re-envisioning pre-war Japan

Joanne Bernardi’s interactive online archive reveals Japan as a cosmopolitan, modernizing nation making its mark in film and experiencing a boom in tourism well before World War II.

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Jarvis and Student on Excavation Site

Tracing Americanization on Smiths Island

Mike Jarvis’ excavation project on Smiths Island in Bermuda aims to document the arrival and development of Englishmen and Africans during the early 1600s.

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Book Cover

New Novel Steeped in Family Mystery

Joanna Scott’s latest book, De Potter’s Grand Tour, started as a family biography featuring her great-grandfather, Aramand De Potter.

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