University of Rochester

Undergraduate Certificate in Literary Translation

Advanced Literary Studies

Students will choose two courses from among the following:


ENG 201: Old English Literature
ENG 202: Middle English Literature
ENG 203: Medieval Drama
ENG 204: Chaucer
ENG 206: Studies in Medieval Literature
ENG 207: English Renaissance Literature
ENG 208: Renaissance Drama
ENG 210: Shakespeare
ENG 211: Milton
ENG 213: Studies in Renaissance Literature
ENG 214: Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENG 215: Early British Novel
ENG 218: Early American Literature
ENG 220: Romantic Literature
ENG 221: Victorian Literature
ENG 222: Nineteenth-Century British Novel
ENG 225: American Romantics
ENG 226: American Realists
ENG 227: American Moderns
ENG 228: African-American Literature
ENG 230: Asian-American Literature
ENG 231: Twentieth-Century British Novel
ENG 232: Modern Literature
ENG 233: Modern Poetry
ENG 234: Modern Fiction
ENG 235: Modern Drama
ENG 236: Contemporary Fiction
ENG 237: Contemporary Poetry
ENG 238: Studies in Modern and Contemporary Literature
ENG 248: Contemporary Women’s Writing

Religion and Classics

REL 240W: Muhammad and the Qur’an
REL 244W: Islamic Mystical Poetry
REL 250: Shiva & Shakti
REL 253: Krishna
REL 255: Hindu Goddess and Women
REL 309: The Celestial Song
REL 310: Seminar in Mahabharata
REL 313: Ramayana
REL 314: Hindu Sanskrit Poetics
CLA 210S: Roman World
ARA 148: The Arabian Nights
ARA 203: Genre and Literary Form in Arabic Literature

Modern Languages and Cultures

FR 204: Contemporary French Culture
FR 205: Francophone Cultures
FR 220: Eighteenth-Century French Novel
FR 230: 19th-Century French Novel
FR 261: 20th-Century French Novel
GER 229: Kleist and Kafka
GER 230: Poe and Hoffmann
IT 219-221: Dante
IT 222: Boccaccio
IT 245: History of Italian Culture
JPN 215: Modern Japan
JPN 233: Culture of Zen
JPN 252: Recent Japanese Fiction
JPN 254: Modern Japanese Literature
JPN 273: Japanese Women Writers
RUS 231: Great Russian Writers
RUS 235: Tolstoy’s War and Peace
RUS 237: Dostoevsky
RUS 243: Chekhov and the Modern Short Story
RUS 248: Politics of Identity
RUS 289: Dangerous Texts
SP 205: Spanish Culture
SP 206: Spanish-American Cultures
SP 215/217: The Quijote/Don Quixote
SP 245: 20th-Century Spanish Theater
SP 249A: Stories from Spain (19th-, 20th-, 21st-Century Novels)
SP 256: 20th- and 21st-Century Spanish-American Prose
SP 257: Latin American Theater and Poetry
SP 260: Latin American Women Writers
SP 262B: Cuba XXI
SP 282: U.S. Latinos/Latinas

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