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Undergraduate Research in the Department of History


Undergraduate research in the Department of History begins with our introductory course, His 100, “An Introduction to Historical Methods.” This course trains students to identify sources, evaluate historical evidence, and formulate and investigate specific research topics. In addition, the department offers a variety of research seminars where students write extensive papers based on original research. A select group of students are invited to participate in our Honors Program during their senior year. These students research and write a senior thesis on a topic of their choice. An honors colloquium, in which students present their research, serves as the capstone of the senior year.

In addition to coursework, students can pursue historical research through internships or our History Opportunities for Undergraduate Research (HOUR) program. The Public History Internship Program offers students the opportunity to gain hands on experience in historical research and preservation. The HOUR Program allows students to collaborate with department faculty on their scholarly work. Students may receive either compensation or course credit for their participation.

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How to get started:

Take HIS 100, “An Introduction to Historical Methods” in your first or second year. As a history major you should gravitate towards seminars, particularly those with a “W” designation, that allow you to write substantial research papers. If you do well in these courses you will be asked to join our honors program and write a senior thesis.

  • Recently Completed Senior Theses:
  • Brittany C. Carter, “The Cold War as a Transformative Moment in the Emergence of the Modern Black Power Movement”
  • Nicholas J. Hamlin, “Britain, Bengal, Burton, and Beer: George Hodgson and the Development of India Pale Ale”
  • David T. Liebers, “Olaudah Equiano and Benjamin Franklin: Self-Made Men of the Atlantic World”
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