Office of Undergraduate Research

Discover Grants for Undergraduate Research


The Discover Grant program is aimed at increasing and enhancing undergraduate research opportunities for University of Rochester matriculated undergraduates. Grant proposals are accepted from any matriculated student or faculty member, including research faculty, in the University, or from groups of students and/or faculty. Student proposals must include at least one faculty member acting as an advisor and mentor.

Proposals for funding are accepted according to the schedule below, except in extraordinary circumstances that require faster action.

Term of UseApplication DeadlineAnticipated Notification Date
Summer April 15 May 5
Fall August 17 September 6
Winter Break December 10 December 17
Spring December 10 January 10

Discover Grant money can be used to pay for things that help make the proposed research happen. It can pay for equipment, necessary travel for research, survey prizes, student pay (see note below), etc. Since these awards are meant to increase and enhance undergraduate research opportunities at UR, preference is given to proposals that demonstrate clearly that the funding enables a research opportunity to happen where it would not otherwise occur.

Please note: This grant money cannot be used to pay a student for work for which they are receiving academic credit (see also Criteria); in general, requests for student pay during the academic year will be denied. Grant money may be used as a stipend for UR matriculated, degree-seeking undergraduate students ONLY; all other requests for pay will be denied.

The program is funded currently at a level of $100,000 annually. Awards will vary in size. Generally, the bias in the program will be toward many smaller awards rather than a few large ones. There may be instances, however, where the scale of increased undergraduate research opportunities enabled by a single proposal is sufficient to warrant funding even though the requested funding is relatively large.

All student pay will be calculated in accordance with the UR Student Wage Guide. To ensure the requested wage is appropriate for the position's requirements, please refer to the Student Employment Classification Guide.

The Office of Undergraduate Research administers the program. Proposals are reviewed by a group of faculty with expertise in disciplines scattered representatively throughout the College. This group makes recommendations to the Director of Undergraduate Research and the Dean of the College, who make final funding decisions.

Criteria considered in evaluating proposals

How to submit a proposal