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VCS Graduate Conference

A conference is organized periodically by students in the Program in Visual and Cultural Studies. The conference brings together graduate students from a variety of fields, such as film studies, museum studies, art history, and cultural anthropology, in accordance with the interdisciplinary approach of the Program. Participants come from institutions in the United States, Canada and abroad, thus providing an opportunity for intellectual exchange and contact with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. Recent topics have included Interrogating Subcultures, Subjects of Culture, and Theory and Practice.

InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture

The purpose of Invisible Culture, an online journal, is to provide a forum for critical approaches to the production and analysis of cultural objects. The journal features essays and art projects that address contemporary issues within visual studies. In an effort to encourage lively discussions and debates, the publication entertains the wide spectrum of methodological and disciplinary approaches (including postcolonial, feminist, Marxist, psychoanalytic, queer theories, and more) being applied to the study of visual culture. The journal is edited by VCS graduate students and includes essays by scholars (students and faculty) from the U.S. and abroad.