Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, appointed by the Director of the Program in Visual and Cultural Studies, serves in an advisory capacity to the Director on a variety of matters including curriculum design, general policy, and students' progress.

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Berlo, Janet Catherine

PhD,  Art History, Yale University, 1980
Professor, Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies
513 Morey Hall

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Photo credit: Dorothea Tuch

Crimp, Douglas

PhD,  Art History, City University of New York, 1994
Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Art History and Professor of Visual and Cultural Studies
518 Morey Hall

(585) 273-5622  |   Email  |  

Duro, Paul

PhD,  History and Theory of Art, University of Essex, 1984
Professor, Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies
519 Morey Hall

(585) 275-9262  |   Email  |  

Foster, Robert

PhD,  Anthropology, University of Chicago, 1988
Professor, and Chair of Anthropology/Professor of Visual and Cultural Studies; Research Associate, Buffalo Museum of Science; Adjunct Professor, College of Asian and Pacific Studies, School of Culture, History and Language, Australian National University
445 Lattimore Hall

(585) 275-8741  |   Email  |   Website

Haidu, Rachel

PhD,  Art History, Columbia University, 2003
Associate Professor, Art History
Director, Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies
520 Morey Hall

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John Michael

Michael, John

PhD,  English, Johns Hopkins University
Professor, English/Visual and Cultural Studies
404D Morey Hall

(585) 275-4974  |   Email  |   Website

Jason Middleton

Middleton, Jason

PhD,  The Literature Program, Duke University
Associate Professor, English
Director, Program in Film and Media Studies
511 Morey Hall

(585) 275-9372  |   Email  |   Website

Saab, A. Joan

PhD,  American Studies, New York University, 1999
Associate Professor, Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies
Chair, Department of Art and Art History
506 Morey Hall

(585) 275-7922  |   Email  |  

Sharon Willis

Willis, Sharon

PhD,  French Literature, Cornell University, 1984
Professor, Art and Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies
517 Morey Hall

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