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Card Swipe Devices - Departmental Use Only

Request Forms are available online at Campus Community Connection and are only available to Departments and Offices within the University. Students and student groups may not reserve these devices. Please click on the following link for the Request Form.

Wilson Commons Student Activities maintains a number of devices to swipe student ID's at events and collect attendant information. In addition to information about the swipe, we are able to collect information about the student organizations the student is participating in, as well as demographic information. Only current students will have information available, and information can only be saved, not transmitted (e.g. no alumni or inactive students, and you cannot swipe a card and have it beep if the student is over 21, international, etc.).

If you are an office or department in the College or University and wish to have 1 or more of these devices for a program you are hosting, you can request the devices through this link. All reservations must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the events. Please be aware that submission of a request does not guarantee its availability. Requests will be fulfilled based on availability and a department’s standing. There is no charge to borrow the devices, however, there are fees associated with data extraction/analysis that are worked out on a case-by-case basis.

Information on how to use the devices will be sent with your reservation confirmation, and will be with the devices when you pick them up. Instructions are also available here.

All data collected by the card swipe devices become property of Wilson Commons Student Activities. For more information of questions, please email the Wilson Commons Student Activities Application Administrator and Analyst or call 276-5980.