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CCC provides robust tools for student leaders to successfully promote their organizations. Read about some of the useful things you can do when you log in to CCC using your NetID and password.

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Writing News Articles, Visibility, Publicity

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Cover Photo

Your cover photo adds a personal touch to your organization's page for a more customized level of web presence. If you upload multiple cover photos, one will be displayed at random each time a page within your organization loads.

Student Org Cover Photo on CCC


Documents you upload can be made public or private. Make sure to keep your documents section up-to-date; create a unique folder for assessment forms, with sub-folders for each academic year (all assessment forms should have access set to "anyone on campus").

Student Org Documents on CCC


Create events through CCC that will show up on your group's page, on CCC's opportunity wall, and on all CCC event feeds on other web pages!

Student Org Events on CCC


If you click the gray "MESSAGING" button, you will be able to create a message relay. This is a temporary email address that sends a message to all people that are included in the relay. To include all members of your student organization, select the toggle "Members" under "Positions".

Student Org Roster Messaging on CCC

News Articles

Write news articles to showcase your events, accomplishments, and more! News articles appear both on your organization site and on the home page of CCC.

Student Org News on CCC

Photos & Gallery

Upload photos into your gallery to give visitors a visual foray into your group's activities! Photos there automatically appear on your organization's CCC site.

Student Org Gallery on CCC

Student Org Gallery on CCC

Profile Information

Keep your profile information up to date with your group's history, mission, etc.

Student Org Profile Info on CCC

If you select the blue "EDIT" button, you'll be able to adjust all types of information that appears on your profile. Notable points include the ability to upload a profile picture (different from header image), input your social media information, and edit essential information. Toggle social media feeds on your organization's homepage with the checkboxes under the social media input fields.

Student Org Edit Profile Info on CCC

Student Org Profile View on CCC


Your roster not only reflects the current membership state of your organization and gives students an easy way to contact your group, but provides administrators valuable data that enables us to create the best experience possible at the University of Rochester! Encourage your officers and members to have a profile picture to make your CCC site more visual.

Student Org Roster on CCC

If you click the gray "MANAGE ROSTER" button, you can perform actions like assigning officer positions, sending messages, and removing members who have graduated from your roster. Use the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the list entries to perform actions on multiple members.

Manage Student Org Roster on CCC

If you click the gray "MANAGE POSITIONS" button, you will be able to make adjustments to the titles and permissions of your organization's officers. The positions "Additional Officer (1-10)" have been created for additional and unique positions not covered by the default. You can edit their information by clicking the name of the position.


Manage Student Org Positions on CCC

Service Hours

CCC can keep track of your organization's service hour totals. If you click the "Service Hours" link at the top of your organization's navigation, you'll be taken to the service hour portal. If you click the blue "+ ADD SERVICE HOURS" button, you can add your own hours. If you click the gray "MANAGE SERVICE HOURS" button, you will be able to manage the hours submitted by your organization's members.

CCC Service Hour Organization Portal

After clicking the gray "MANAGE SERVICE HOURS" button, you'll see another blue "+ ADD SERVICE HOURS" button. This will allow you to submit hours for any member of your organization.

CCC Manage Service Hours Organization Portal

To add hours for a member, you must be have proper administrative privileges within the organization. Enter the name of the student and the information about the service they performed.

CCC Service Hours Organization Add Hours