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Event Planning

Balloons and Helium

Helium balloons are an eye catching tool which can add a nice touch to almost any event. Depending on the quantity and style, balloons can give your event a festive, welcoming, or even elegant feel.

There are three ways to acquire helium and balloons for your event:

  1. Hire a company like Balloon Effects International (585-442-0361) to decorate your event.
  2. Rent a helium tank and regulator from a local company who delivers. You can purchase balloons and blow them up yourself. Please work with your advisor for this option.
  3. Purchase a disposable tank from Party City (585-424-5555), purchase balloons, blow them up yourself, and contact Norm Rhow at x3-5501 to dispose of the tank when you are finished. Note: For smaller events, you will need less than 50 balloons.

The first option is more expensive, but involves little student volunteer effort. The second and third ways are much more affordable, but does require advance preparation with the balloons, volunteers to blow up balloons, arrange them, and return the helium tank to the vendor (or dispose the tank). You need to decide if you have more time or money to spend on this venture.

Safety Requirements for operating a Helium Tank

UR Risk Management policies require helium tanks to be secured in the proper way while on University property. Wilson Commons Student Activities has made arrangements to provide you with the necessary equipment and storage of helium. Be sure to also read through the Wilson Commons building policies here.

Please follow these steps in order to ensure safety of yourself and others:

  1. After you have ordered a helium tank, please contact Wilson Commons Student Activities to inform the staff of the anticipated delivery date.
  2. When helium tanks are delivered to Wilson Commons, they must immediately be secured with chains and a padlock to a special helium tank cart at all times. When not in use, these tanks must be stored in room 304. You can gain access to this room through the Wilson Commons Student Activities staff or the evening/weekend building manager. If you have ordered a tank through a vendor who delivers, please direct them to Wilson Commons Student Activities at 201 Wilson Commons.
  3. When you are ready to blow up balloons, please contact the manager on duty in Wilson Commons in order to gain access to the tank.
  4. Do not move the cart and tank. The manager will assist you in transporting them to the Ruth Merrill Center.
  5. Once the equipment has been moved, remove the safety cap and attach the regulator/nozzle. You must blow up the balloons Ruth Merrill Center.
  6. When you are finished with the cart and tank, the manager will assist you in transporting them back to the approved storage location.