Wilson Commons Student Activities

Event Planning

Accommodations for Guests with Disabilities

General Information

An important consideration while planning your event is the accommodations your audience members with disabilities might need. This includes, but is not limited to, wheelchair access, making sure that handicapped entrances are unlocked and operable, and providing sign language interpretation. If you do receive a request for sign language interpretation for your event, please contact your organization's Student Activities advisor.

The University Disability Coordinator and can assist you with any questions you may have regarding accommodations for guests with disabilities attending your events. They can be reached at 275-9125. If a request for wheelchair accessible seating or interpretation, the coordinator will contact Wilson Commons Student Activities Office Manager to relay that information to you or your organization's advisor.

Sign Language Interpretation

There is usually at least a two-week lead time needed in order to secure sign language interpreters for an event. The Interpreter Request Form should be filled out and returned to Debbie Gaudet in the SAAC Office, Room 101E in the Ruth Merrill Center, with a copy given to Wilson Commons Student Activities Administrative Assistant, 201 Wilson Commons. Student Activities Debbie will call Interpretek, Inc. to make arrangements for the interpreter if you are a SA Funded group. If you are not you may call Interpretek at 585-235-7500.

Keep in mind: Depending on the size of the facility as well as the length and content of the event, it may be necessary to request two sign language interpreters for one event. When you contact the Interpreter Services Office or a private local agency to contract for an interpreter, you should inquire about the cancellation policy and their minimum fee. Many sign language interpreter provider organizations require a 24-48 hour cancellation notice. Most organizations charge the full fee if the sign language interpreter shows up for the event, but no one in the audience needs the services of the interpreter.