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Tabling Policies

Flex Tables

Flex tables are available as a simple way to fundraise for your club or organization. Wilson Commons has four (4) available flex tables. Two (2) are located on the second floor of Wilson Commons. The remaining two (2) are located on the 1st floor of Wilson Commons next to the Common Market. The following policies are provided to facilitate the request process.

  1. To reserve a flex table in Wilson Commons, please submit a request using the online Flex Table Request Form located on the Forms Tab on the WCSA website. The Flex Table Request form link will redirect you to the CCC, please login and complete the required fields. All flex table requests are to be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the start of the requested reservation date. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Upon approval, a confirmation email will be sent to the individual who submitted the initial request. In the case the request cannot be accommodated, an email will be sent to the individual who submitted the initial request. Please be aware that groups are not guaranteed a flex table.
  2. Requests are accepted beginning on August 15 for the Fall semester and November 15 for the Spring semester. Reservations will not be confirmed prior to those dates. Please be aware that submission of a reservation request does not guarantee a confirmation. Requests will be fulfilled based on availability and an organization's standing. Confirmations will be emailed to the requestor.
  3. A flex table confirmation includes the use of the flex machine and the corresponding table. There is no need for a separate table request.
  4. Student groups are limited to 2 separate rental use periods per semester. Flex machines can be reserved for a maximum of 5 days. A fee of $3.00/day will be assessed (please refer to #9 for details regarding payment of fees). Student groups who have a confirmed flex reservation may store supplies at the Common Connection as long as they fit within the bin designated for that flex table.
  5. CANCELLATION POLICY: The group must notify the Wilson Commons staff members by e-mailing at least 2 business days in advance if the flex table will not be used on a particular day or if the group intends to cancel the rental in its entirety, otherwise the rental agreement will be considered null and the group's rental privileges for the remainder of the semester will be suspended. Additionally, the group will still be responsible for paying the usage fee and this fee must be paid to gain privilege of the Flex Machines for the following semester.
  6. Flex tables are NOT to be used for admission tickets, dues, or tickets of any kind.
  7. Any loss, damage or vandalism during your use to the unit, case or key is the responsibility of the group using it and will be charged based on the cost for repair or replacement (not to exceed $3,000.00). Any of the above circumstances must be reported immediately to the Wilson Commons Building Manager. Below is a list of fines per damage:
    • Usage fee of $3.00/day for improper cancellation of rental
    • $50 lost or damaged key replacement
    • >$100 damaged Containment Box replacement
  8. A confirmation of a flex table is for the designated flex table and the ability to purchase can only occur at the designated table. Individuals staffing the table may not solicit anywhere else in Wilson Commons. At least one representative from the student organization or department to whom the reservation was confirmed must be present during use: NO exceptions
  9. Funds collected from the transaction will be available within 30 days after the final day of the reservation. A rental fee of $3/day will be attached and deducted from the earnings. Earnings will be automatically transferred into the account of organizations that have an account in the SAAC office. All other organizations can pick up their checks from the SAAC office on the 2nd Thursday of each month. If the earnings do not exceed the fees owed, the organization is still responsible for the fees and must pay the fee prior to the organizations next Flex reservation.