Wilson Commons Student Activities

Event Planning

General Posting Guidelines on Campus

Materials for hanging flyers can cause damage to property on campus. Areas like the clock tower, painted walls in buildings, and glass on windows and doors are sensitive to adhesive materials and cause damage easily. If your group is found posting in such areas and damage occurs in removing postings a fee may occur to repair damage. If you have any questions about posting around campus talk please with your advisor.

Wilson Commons Bulletin Board Policies

Wilson Commons Student Activities encourages the dissemination of information through the posting of posters and fliers on bulletin boards within the building. Wilson Commons Student Activities is responsible for the administration and maintenance of all bulletin boards in the building and reserves the right to clear the bulletin boards at any time.

Wilson Commons Student Activities will assist in the multiple posting of fliers and posters in Wilson Commons. Student groups and departments who wish to have their program fliers and posters posted on the various bulletin boards and in glass cases should bring 4 copies of their posters to the Wilson Commons Office Manager, Room 201. Approved posters will be posted on a space available basis for 4 locations. WCSA will only hang posters for university sponsored events.

Open Bulletin Boards - General Posting


Wilson Commons Student Activities - Controlled Access Bulletin Boards



FLIERS AND POSTERS ARE PROHIBITED ON GLASS, WOOD, BRICK, PAINTED, AND METAL SURFACES. Advertisements cannot be placed on surfaces or tables in Wilson Commons.

Day of Event Signage

WCSA does have arrow signs that can be placed around the building for directional usage for events. Please contact the Common Connection regarding their usage.

WCSA does permit art and free expression projects in Wilson Commons outside of bulletin board spaces on a temporary basis. Prior approval is required through the Director of Wilson Commons. There are also several spaces available for awareness activities that can be reserved through a form available at the Common Connection.

Organizations in violation of any sections of this policy may incur costs for the removal of their materials.

Posting Policy for Residence Halls

Advertising is strictly limited to bulletin boards in residence hall areas. Posting is not allowed on doors, windows, bathroom mirrors, floors or rugs, in elevators or in stairwells. Advertising may not be slid under student room doors. Promotional literature for recognized student organizations, approved student programs and campaign posters may be posted on residence hall bulletin boards unless the board is specifically designated for a particular use (e.g. board reserved for Hall Council information). When posting on bulletin boards, only one (1) advertisement per bulletin board is allowed. Groups must not cover up other ads when posting their own advertisement. Staples, thumb tacks and masking tape are approved methods of hanging advertisements on bulletin boards. Do not use duct tape or packing tape. All four corners must be attached to the bulletin board. Promotional literature posted on any surface other than bulletin boards will be removed by the Residential Life staff. Commercial advertising is not permitted in any residence hall building. Such advertisements will be removed by the Residential Life staff. Charges for damage associated with improper posting may be billed to the sponsoring organization.