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Welcome to Virtual EMS!

Download the Virtual EMS Training Guide Here!

Reservation requests made through Virtual EMS are given priority over green reservation forms, so please use Virtual EMS to make your reservation requests.  Reservations for Strong Auditorium, Douglass Dining Center, Banners, and Information tables must still be submitted using the standard Green Reservation Request form.

Virtual EMS allows you to have multiple templates that will allow you to make separate reservation requests for Fall and Spring Semesters.

To begin, please direct your web browser to this link:


In the upper left corner you should see the words “My Account.”  Move your cursor over it and the words “log in” will appear.  Click on “log in.”

At the login window please enter your email address (we use either the address submitted on your renewal form or as conveyed by a previous representative of your group:
first.last@rochester.edu or netid@u.rochester.edu By default, your password is set to 52333.

Once you’re in you’ll see the headings change in the upper left corner to read “Browse, Reservations, My Account.”   Move your cursor to “My Account” and click “edit my account” in the drop-down menu.

In the Account Management window you can change your password, change your email address, change your telephone number, and your name, (please don’t change your name).  At this point please feel free to change your email address if there’s one you use more frequently, add a telephone number, and change your password.  Note that this will change the information required to login the next time you return
.  If at any time it is necessary for your organization to change the Virtual contact person, please contact Lynn Stork (lynn.stork@rochester.edu).  

To request a reservation follow these steps:
  1. Move your cursor over the heading labeled “reservations.”
  2. Choose your template; either Wilson Commons User – Fall Semester or Wilson Commons User – Spring Semester.
  3. Find a location for your event:
    • Find a space manually by using clicking on “Browse for space” in the upper left corner.  To change the date and look at a specific building click “filter” located on the upper right border of the grid.
    • Find a space using the search tool:
      • Enter the date for your reservation (for weekly meetings, this is the date your reservation will start).  Note that requests are restricted to times during each semester (9/3 – 12/13 for Fall 2013, 1/15 – 4/30 for Spring 2014).  Also note that requests must be made at least 8 days in advance of your event.  (Events taking place in less than 8 days must be submitted using the Green Reservation Request form and are subject to approval.)
      • Click the “find space” button.  Your results will appear to the right.
  4. Enter the event details.  Please keep in mind the following:
    • Use an event type that includes an asterisk or your reservation will be posted on the University’s Master Calendar.
    • Always select a contact.  Make certain this person is authorized to add charges to your reservation.
  5. Click “submit”.  You or your selected contact should receive an email verifying receipt of your submission shortly.  This email is only letting you know that your request has been received.  No requests are considered confirmed until you receive a separate confirmation email.
  6. THIS REQUEST DOES NOT GUARANTEE A RESERVATION.  The Wilson Commons Reservation Coordinator (Saundra Peters) will send an email within 2 business days confirming your reservation or cancelling the request.
To keep our system current, please stop by the Event Support and Reservations office, located in 201 Wilson Commons, to remove old contacts from your group’s contact list.


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