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Event Planning

Wilson Commons "Prize Wheel"

Want to have a large prize wheel at your table or event? The Wilson Commons' "Wheel of Fortune" may be rented from Event and Classroom Management by filling out a green request form that may be submitted to the Common Connection.

  • Wilson Commons' Wheel reservations are accepted beginning on the first day of upper-class move-in for the fall semester and beginning November 16 for the spring semester. Reservations cannot be made in advance of those dates. No exceptions.
  • All reservation requests must be submitted on a completed Rental Request Agreement Form, including a signature, and submitted to the Common Connection for processing.
  • Submission of a reservation request does not guarantee usage. Requests will be fulfilled based on availability and an organization's standing. Confirmations will be emailed to the requestor.
  • This reservation request is only for the Wheel - an organization or department must request a table or room from the Wilson Commons Reservation Coordinator as well.
  • The Wheel must be picked up after 9am and returned to storage before 10pm each rental date. When picking up the Wheel on the first day of your reservation, the Common Connection employee must review the condition of the wheel upon signing it out to your group. On the last day of your reservation, when you return the wheel to storage, you must have the Common Connection employee review the condition of the wheel and sign off on the Wheel Usage Log. Failure to do so will result in your group's renting privileges being suspended for the year.
  • Any damages to the wheel that occur during your reservation may incur a fee.
  • The group must notify Event and Classroom Management if the Wheel will not be used on a particular day or if the group intends to cancel the rental in it's entirety, otherwise the rental agreement will be considered null and the group's rental privileges for the remainder of the semester will be suspended. If a student group event is canceled and the Wheel will not be needed, please notify Event and Classroom Management. Failure to use the wheel when reserved if not properly canceled will result in suspension of the organization or department's borrowing privileges.
  • In the event of a non-use or cancellation if rental, the Wheel will then be reserved for the first group on the waiting list.
  • Organization or department must provide the 16 "pie slices" and Velcro for the wheel. Each "pie slice" is 14" x 14" x 5.5"
  • Dimensions of the wheel: Wheel itself: 36" in diameter, 74" tall, Base is 36" deep, 24" wide

Wilson Commons' Wheel Usage Parameters:

  • Can only be used within Wilson Commons
  • Can only be used by University affiliated organization and departments
  • At least one representative from the organization or department to whom the reservation was confirmed must be present during use. No exceptions.