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Eastman - Graduate Head Resident

Position Summary

The Graduate Head Resident (GHR) is a graduate assistant position supervising a staff of 11 Resident Advisors (RA) to help build a healthy and inclusive residential community, as well as foster a lively academic and intellectual culture. Along with the RAs, the GHR supports both undergraduate and graduate students residing in the Student Living Center at the Eastman School of Music. The GHR should know and establish a working rapport with the 350 residents residing in the Student Living Center. The GHR is expected to help residents get to know one another in the living environment and to serve as a source of information about the University and its services. The GHR reports to the Assistant Dean for Residential Life. This is a 12-month appointment and requires attendance at all staff training programs.

Supervisory Responsibilities

RA Supervision

  • The GHR supervises student staff and supports them in their efforts to create an intellectually active residential environment that enhances personal growth and supports the academic mission of the Eastman School of Music.
  • In consultation with the Assistant Dean for Residential Life, the GHR leads weekly staff meetings and is responsible for regular email communication with RAs.
  • The GHR is responsible for managing procedures including, but not limited to, approving RA time-off requests, overseeing RA fire safety protocols, and coordinating room inspection procedures.

Support and Referral Responsibilities

Counseling and Advising

  • The GHR is able to actively listen, seeking appropriate consultation and making necessary referrals for RAs and residents. The GHR is aware of campus resources and communicates information about those resources to RAs and residents.

Behavioral Problems

  • The GHR assists students in understanding expectations and developing behavioral standards appropriate to group living in an academic institution. When necessary, the GHR may confront individuals whose behavior is unacceptable and, where appropriate, refer cases to the student conduct system.

Emergency Resource

  • The GHR will be responsible for participating in on-call duty. Possessing a working knowledge of procedures to follow in emergency situations, the GHR assists RAs, students, staff and University personnel in resolving emergency situations.

Training and Administrative Responsibilities

Training and Staff Development

  • The GHR participates in all fall, mid-year, and in-service training programs.
  • Working with the Assistant Dean for Residential Life, the GHR helps to coordinate RA training, staff development and teambuilding activities for the RAs.

RA Selection

  • The GHR participates and leads the current RA staff in the RA selection process. GHR tasks include reading and assigning scores to all applications, tallying scores from interviews, and contacting all applicants regarding their application status throughout the RA selection process.
  • Having a working knowledge of selected RAs strengths and personal characteristics, the GHR works with the Assistant Dean for Residential Life to assign RAs to appropriate halls.

Administrative Functions

  • The GHR has key administrative responsibilities including, but not limited to, RA selection, RA training, room lottery, completing incident reports, reporting maintenance requests, etc.


  • On a day-to-day basis, the GHR works with the Assistant Dean for Residential Life, the Residential Life Administrative Assistant, and RA staff. It is expected that the GHR maintains open and frequent communication with the Assistant Dean for Residential Life.

Liaison with Other Departments

  • The GHR may develop working relationships with key departments and offices such as the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Student Life, University Counseling Center, University Health Service, the Department of Public Safety, Facilities and Auxiliary Operations, and the Eastman School of Music Concert Office.


  • The GHR is responsible for knowing, supporting, enforcing and abiding by Residential Life and University policies.

Additional Duties

  • The GHR performs other job-related responsibilities as requested by the Assistant Dean for Residential Life.

Summer Responsibilities

  • The GHR summer responsibilities include supervising a staff of 9 RAs, planning and implementing summer RA training, addressing behavior concerns and participating in on-call duty, working with RAs to develop programs for summer residents, and collaborating with the Summer Conference Assistant. Tasks within each of these areas are similar to the aforementioned descriptions for the academic year. 

Compensation includes

  • Furnished apartment at the Eastman Living Center, standard tier cable, high speed Internet, partial meal-plan and $7000.00 stipend

Time Commitment and Term of Position

  • This is a 12 Month Position. Flexible work schedule, with time on task averaging 15-20 hours per week, with significantly more time during training, opening, closing, summer conferences and programs, and during special events. Begins 6/1 with possible reappointment. Start date may be flexible depending on the needs of the department and the Graduate Assistant.