Wilson Commons Student Activities

RCCL - Community Service

Position Summary:

This graduate assistantship is offered through the Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL), which is part of the office of the Dean of Students in the College. The mission of the RCCL is to educate students to become engaged citizens and leaders capable of effecting positive social change in their communities. The Graduate Assistant will report to the Assistant Director, and will be a vital member of the RCCL team, and of the entire office of the Dean of Students.

Essential Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities:

Program Advisement, Development, and Management


Time Commitment:



Application Procedure

Email questions to Catherine Lewis at catherine.lewis@rochester.edu.

Application deadline for first consideration is February 27, 2015. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered if vacancies continue to exist. Previous Applicants Need Not Apply.