Wilson Commons Student Activities

Graduate Head Resident

Position Summary:

The Graduate Head Resident is a graduate assistant position supervising a Resident Advisor or Community Assistant staff to help build healthy and inclusive residential communities and foster a lively academic and intellectual culture. The RAs and CAs work with undergraduate students to develop class identity, campus spirit, and pride in the College and the University. The Graduate Head Resident should know and establish working rapport with the staff team and the residents for whom they are responsible. The number of RA/CA staff and residents varies between 6-14 staff members and from 170-600 students for a particular area. The Graduate Head Resident is expected to help residents get to know one another in the living environment and to serve as a source of information about the College and its services. The GHR advises hall governments and works with special interest housing groups, intervenes in the resolution of behavioral issues and interpersonal or inter-group conflicts, and refers students with social, personal, academic, or health-related problems to the appropriate University agencies. The Graduate Head Resident reports to the Area Coordinator. This is an academic year appointment and requires attendance at all staff training programs.

Supervisory and Advisory Responsibilities

RA/CA Supervision:

The RA and CA position descriptions should be consulted for a full description of the RA/CA responsibilities, which the GHR supports in a supervisory capacity. The RA/CA position descriptions parallel in many ways the GHR job description and contain, in particular, additional information on encouraging a positive social environment, creating an inclusive and respectful environment, and fostering intellectual growth, functions in which it is crucial that the GHR support the staff.

Leadership and Government:

Support Services:

Support and Referral Responsibilities

Counseling and Advising
Emergency Resource
Behavioral Problems:

Training and Administrative Responsibilities

Meetings and CommunicationStaff DevelopmentLiaison with Other DepartmentsPolicyAdministrative Functions: Additional Duties

Time Commitment and Term of Position

Mid-August through Mid-May, flexible work schedule, with time on task averaging 15-20 hours per week, with significantly more time during training, opening, closing, and during special events.


Furnished 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, standard tier cable, high speed Internet, partial meal-plan and $5000.00 stipend (+additional $100 for each year of service.)>