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Maintaining a Great Organization

General Guidelines

  1. Student organizations and their members must abide by federal, state, county, and municipal laws, student conduct policies, and the operating policies of the University.
  2. Organizations shall also comply with such other conditions and regulations, which may be adopted by the University. Organizations will also adhere to their own constitution and bylaws. For matters not otherwise specified, Robert's Rules of Order shall apply.
  3. Registration forms must be submitted to Wilson Commons Student Activities by the third Friday in September each academic year. Each organization shall ensure that the information on its registration form and Campus Community Connection site is complete and current.
  4. Each new organization shall submit with their new organization proposal, a current copy of the constitution or charter, which must define the proposal, and function of the organization and its goals and principles. All changes in the written constitution, by-laws, or rules of order of an organization must be reported to the Policy & Review Committee. All constitutions must follow the approved constitution format.
  5. Organizations must seek advisor signatures on their new organization and renewal forms. The category of an organization determines the signature or signatures needed.
    1. Academic/Pre-Professional: College Department Office and 201 Wilson Commons
    2. Club Sports: Jeff Jauron, 2117 Goergen Athletic Center, and Faculty Advisor
    3. Class Council, Clubs, Awareness, Entertainment Programming, Intercollegiate Competition, Media/Publications, Performing and Fine Arts, Political, and Student Government: 201 Wilson Commons
    4. Community Service: RCCL, (5th floor WC)
    5. Fraternity/Sorority: Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, John DiSarro 510 Wilson Commons
    6. Hall Councils and Special Interest Housing: Residential Life Advisor and Ed Feldman, Susan B. Anthony Hall
    7. Religious: Interfaith Chapel, Eileen Bruton
  6. SA student organizations are not allowed to sign contracts or enter into contractual agreements. Only your advisor has the authority to sign contracts or enter into contractual agreements.
  7. Funds must be approved by the advisor from the responsible office. All organizations are encouraged to seek additional advisors from the University Community to serve as resources.
  8. A student organization must be organized by its undergraduate student members, but may include all members of the University Community (faculty, staff and graduate students).
  9. Officers must be full-time matriculated undergraduate students of the University of Rochester. Officers are encouraged to maintain good academic standing (2.0 GPA).
  10. No person shall be excluded from the activities of an organization on the basis of race, sex or sexual orientation, religion, national origin, handicap, marital or parental status, unless such exclusion is otherwise legally sanctioned.
  11. No organization shall engage in hazing which the University of Rochester has defined as: any action taken or situation created, whether on or off University premises, that has the potential to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule.
  12. The University views all registered student organizations as private affiliates and does not endorse the missions, goals, or purposes of any organization, nor allows the organization to act on behalf of the University.
  13. The use of the name, the seal or any facsimile, or any trademarked or copyrighted name or symbol of the University of Rochester must be approved.
  14. Violations of the Rules and Regulations for student organizations may result in sanctions.