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Maintaining a Great Organization

SAAC Policy Guidelines

The Students' Association Appropriations Committee works with student organizations in a number of capacities. The most common way is general banking. Those organizations that are funded, flat funded, or have an agency account must go through the SAAC office for financial transactions, even if it is an event we do not fund. Business Managers are responsible for all financial transactions of their organization. Only the Business Manager is authorized to work with SAAC. All Business Managers must attend the Business Manager's Meeting in the fall. If you fail to do so, your group's funds will be frozen until you speak with the Treasurer. The SA recognizes the fact that agency accounts do not derive any funds from the SA activity fees. Due to this, there are exceptions to the SAAC policies for the agency accounts. Please discuss these with your Student Accountant. Even with the exceptions, agency accounts must maintain proper accounting of all funds and business managers must attend the required Business Managers Meeting.

Visit SAAC's website on the Hive for more information like the business manager's manual, ledger form, inventory update form, and more.


Each spring, SAAC begins its budgeting cycle for the upcoming fiscal year. All groups that seek funding from the SA must participate in the budget process in order to be considered for SA funding. The most important stages in the process are:

  • Budget training session for Business Managers
  • Co-preparation of the budget
  • Interaction/communication between your group, SAAC, and your advisor

Special stipulations:

Performance Groups: Each group may receive up to $12 per member for costumes, and the SA only funds costuming for the two major shows.

Intercollegiate Teams: These teams are budgeted following the same formula that Club Sports uses. SAAC will pay up to ½ of their expenses, and the group must fundraise the rest.

Pre-professional and Academic Groups: Are considered Flat Funded groups, each pre-professional and academic group receives $200 each year.

Groups organized for personal outlets, such as Creative Arts Club, will have an income requirement of $10 per member per semester.