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Maintaining a Great Organization

Student Organization Cabinet, Office & Space Policy

Given the limitations on space, Wilson Commons Student Activities cannot guarantee facilities to all applicants nor are current assignments guaranteed

Cabinet, Office Space and Mailbox Policies Video

Student Organizations apply and reapply for Wilson Commons Office and Cabinet Spaces every year during Mid-Year Reporting at the beginning of Spring Semester

  • During the Mid Year Report student organizations need to fill out the Materials Inventory sheet
  • This also includes Student Organizations that have assigned space outside of Wilson Commons for design labs or storage
  • Student Organizations that do not apply at Mid-Year Reporting will not be assigned space for next year
  • In the Mid-Year Report Feedback, organizations will receive their Space decision which is based on assessment history.

Semi-Annual Assessments occur twice a year to ensure appropriate use of space

  • Student organization's offices or cabinets will be assessed in July and January by Wilson Commons Student Activities Staff
  • Categories of assessment are: Cleanliness, Illegal Items, and Overall Condition
  • Assessments are based on a total of 9 points
  • Assessments that total 7-9 are in good standing, 4-6 are on probation, and 0-3 may lose office or cabinet space
  • According to the University Fire and Safety Office paint (exception: craft paint), spray paint, and candles are illegal items; these result in automatic assessment failures

After each assessment Student Organizations will receive their assessment and one of the following recommendations:

  • Actions that follow good standings - A recommendation to keep space is given to the WC Director
  • Actions that follow probation - A request is sent to make and report changes within one week
    • If changes are not reported back or made a recommendation to be removed from space is given to the WC Director
    • If changes are made and reported back a meeting with the Director of Wilson Commons may be required
  • Actions that follow loss of space - A recommendation to be removed from space is given to the WC Director

Organizations found to be on probation for two consecutive assessments or if 2 out of 3 assessments have probationary status the organization may lose their space.

  • A meeting with the Director of Wilson Commons will be required.

Wilson Commons office and cabinet keys

  • Keys are signed out through the SAAC Accountant located in the Ruth Merrill Center
  • Keys are given out at the beginning of the academic year and must be returned at the end of the year
  • Only officers of an organization are allowed to sign out keys with a limit up to 5 keys
  • A $5 deposit is required to obtain a key and will be refunded when the key is returned
  • Lost keys results in a $50 fee and will be charged to the person/persons responsible, this includes the cost of changing the lock
  • Lost keys should be immediately reported to the SAAC Accountant or the student building manager if after business hours