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Office Supplies / Organizational Resources


Student organizations needing to send or receive a fax should come to Wilson Commons Student Activities. Incoming and outgoing faxes are charged at $1 per page for USA destinations (international cost is $5 for the first page and then $1 for each additional page). When a fax is received for a student organization it is placed in the appropriate mailbox in the Ruth Merrill Center and charged to that organization. Student organizations are billed every two months by the Wilson Commons Student Activities Office Manager. For instructions on how to send a fax, please see the Common Connection or the Office Manager in Wilson Commons 201.


The Bookstore is located in the Frederick Douglass Building and is open Monday - Thursday from 9am to 6pm, Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 12 to 4pm. The Bookstore has a wonderful selection of UR clothing and gifts and you can visit their website to order your books, supplies, and UR merchandise at The Bookstore has all required textbooks and supplies for classes. Students can choose from new, used, e-books and rentals when purchasing textbooks (Options vary by title). The Bookstore also has a large selection of general reading books in stock and can special order titles. Bookstore staff is also available to sell books at your programs and events. Call the Trade Book Supervisor for more information at 585-275-4012 or email

Website Assistance

The updated Campus Community Connection has a lot of the basic features as a website. CCC functions as a basic self-hosted web page. However, if your student organization would like to have its own website it may. The easiest way to request access to your own website is to go to: and fill out the necessary paperwork.

By doing so, you will be able to obtain a website within the Campus Community Connection site. If you need help creating a basic web page or maintaining your website, contact the Student Activities Technology and Web Coordinator Sarah Hedrych (

Once your site is created and your content has been posted please contact Sarah Hedrych to link your site to the Campus Community Connection site; you are also encouraged to contact Sarah with any questions, comments or concerns about your clubs web presence.

Important Notice: Advertising links from businesses outside of the University of Rochester should not be included on your web page, not only does it break University policy but it can also create breaches in security. As per the University of Rochester's Information Technology Policy: "University resources, including Information Technology Resources, may not be used for or to transmit commercial or personal advertisements, solicitations, endorsements or promotions unrelated to the business of the University."

At the discretion of the Director of Wilson Commons Activities, websites that have not been maintained or updated yearly can be removed.


Complaints about procedures, rules, or personnel should be directed to the Director of Wilson Commons Student Activities, who will help you to identify the appropriate route for the resolution of your problem. The University Intercessor (contacted through the Dean of Students' Office) can also help in the resolution of grievances if you are unable to contact WCSA. Legal matters can be discussed with the SA lawyer, in confidence, by appointment through the SAAC office at x5-3236 or the Senate Office at x5-2908.

Mail : sending and receiving

To send mail through the US Post Office, see the SAAC Accountant for an account slip. The slip is attached to the item(s) to be mailed and then they may be placed in any intramural mailbox or the intramural bag in WCSA. For bulk mailing instructions, contact the WCSA Office Manager.

All SA recognized groups are assigned a mailbox in the Ruth Merrill Center upon the receipt of their registration form. Please check this frequently as important information is distributed to groups through the mailboxes. Mail can be addressed to your organization if it has a mailbox in the Ruth Merrill Center. The address to be used is:

[Organization Name]
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-0281

If your group does not have a Ruth Merrill Center mailbox or a sponsoring department, contact your Wilson Commons Student Activities Advisor.


SA funded organizations and organizations with an agency account are able to make 100 copies at one time through the SAAC office for $0.03 per copy. Larger jobs need to go to The Copy Center or an outside vendor. The business manager would need to request either a copy center form or a purchase order from their student accountant.

Graphic Arts Services

The Students' Association Graphic Arts Suite (SAGAS) is located at 103 Wilson Commons and provides a wide range of print services. These services include the creation of posters, fliers, pamphlets, digital graphics, t-shirts, banners, logos, advertisements, stickers, postcards, buttons/pins, and so much more. Contact the Graphic Artist, Jennelle Hart, at 275.5941 or for more information.