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Leadership Appreciation Dinner

The Leadership Appreciation Dinner honors and recognizes student leaders and student organizations that have enriched the University of Rochester’s community through their varied programs, publications, activities, and community service. This year’s Leadership Appreciation Dinner was held on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 in the May Room.  This event is invitation only and for organizations who are advised by Rochester Center for Community Leadership, Wilson Commons Student Activities, and Hall Councils from Residential Life. 

The Alice DeSimone Award is given each year in memory of Alice DeSimone, who served for seventeen years as an Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Dean of Students. This award is presented to students whose contributions to co-curricular life at the University have strengthened community spirit and involvement. Nominees need not be in high profile or for

mal positions of leadership to be considered. Instead, this award recognizes dedication, enthusiasm, collaboration, and positive role modeling as leadership traits that help promote and maintain a strong quality of life for all. This award can and will be given to more than one student of the junior, senior, or 5th year program (KEY or Take 5).

2014 Winners:

  • Kevin Allanpolar bears
  • Amber-Danielle Baldie
  • Daniel Gorman
  • Chelsea Hans

  • Rebekah Lipsky
  • Alexandra Poindexter
  • Christina Smiros

2013 Winners:

  • Marissa Abbott
  • Marika Azoff
  • Rohini Bhatia
  • Antoinette Esce
  • Jennifer Hansler
  • Abby Lalone
  • Siobhan McLaughlin


The Ana Hubbard Award was established in 2009 by friends and family in memory of Ana Hubbard, class of 1999. Wilson Commons Student Activities presents the Ana Hubbard Award in recognition of a student whose participation in a student organization has improved their life, provided valuable skills and contributed to the vitality of their student organization and campus community. This award will be given to a member of the junior, senior, or 5th year program (Take 5 or KEY).

Strong Jugglers

2014 Winner: Shalin Nohria

 2013 Winner: Adam Russak



Student Organization Photo Contest Winner: Strong Jugglers







Fall Leadership Conference 2013

The conference mission is to provide student leaders a comprehensive, collaborative learning experience that they will benefit from and in turn strengthen their organization. To accomplish this mission the conference provides:

  1. Educational sessions
  2. Resources
  3. Professionals.

If you would like to see what took place at the conference take a look at the Conference Booklet.

Leadership Videos

Graphic Designer Introduction

Leadership Transition


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