What is URWISE?

The University of Rochester’s Women in Science and Engineering Program (UR WISE) was established in 1992 to support women's participation in scientific, engineering, and quantitative disciplines at all levels. The WISE Program seeks to ensure that women may fully explore science through study, research experience, and career–building opportunities. URWISE has recently received Student Activities recognition as a sub-committee of the student section of SWE.

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The mission of the WISE Program is to attract women to, and retain them in, science and science–related fields at the University of Rochester by:

  • Creating the conditions of equal access for the pursuit of science by women
  • Educating the University community about the issues of women and science
  • Pressing for this as a University priority and guiding the University community and leadership toward this objective


The objectives of the WISE Program are to:

  • Increase K–12 young women's interest and skills and increase opportunities for them to participate in WISE programs, and to recruit them into science, mathematics, engineering and technology (SMET) careers by providing hands–on experiences and female role models;
  • Increase the pool of and the retention rate of UR women undergraduate and graduate students in SMET fields;
  • Provide a supportive educational and professsional climate for all women across the University by collaborating and working closely with women's groups and organizations on campus;
  • Research and develop methods to eliminate the social and institutional barriers hindering women's success in SMET.


The goal of URWISE is to increase the number and proportion of bachelor’s degrees in SMET (science, mathematics, engineering and technology) fields awarded to women at the University of Rochester so that the total degrees awarded match the population of the US: 50% women.