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December 05, 2012

Snapshots of 2012

University photographer J. Adam Fenster shares some of his favorite photos from around the University during the past year.

girl touching marshmallow
‘Sweet’ study

Evelyn Rose, 4, of Brighton, participates in a reenactment of the marshmallow experiment. The study found that children’s decisions to delay gratification are influenced as much by the environment as by their innate capacity for self-control. The study was conducted at the University’s Baby Lab.

young soldier at attention
Keeping vigil

Navy ROTC Midshipman Olivia Wittman ’13 presents the flag on Eastman Quadrangle. Navy ROTC students from the University and Rochester Institute of Technology, along with Air Force ROTC members from local battalions, held a vigil to honor victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.

costumed actors in/near a bathtub
On stage

From left: Kelsey Burritt ’13, Naomi Everhart ’16, Devin Goodman ’15,  Brian Giacalone ’14, and Emma Guilfoyle ’16 act out a scene from the International Theatre Program’s fall production, Ubu Roi.

student boxers
Performer with punch

Sarah Ohms ’13E works out at ROC Boxing & Fitness. A crew from ESPN visited Rochester in May to film a story about the benefits of boxing for musicians. James VanDemark, a professor of double bass at the Eastman School,  introduced boxing to his students after taking up the sport three years ago and noticing the benefits that the training had for his performance as a musician.

doctor with patient
Special delivery

Ob/gyn resident Chinedu Nwabuobi speaks with Faten Abumuti of Saudi Aarabia after delivering her child—his first delivery as a doctor—on his first day at the hospital last June.

student in lab coats, in chem lab
Space to learn

Juniors Zachariah Hale, Pamela Barnett, and Josey Topolski work in the new undergraduate chemistry classroom, a state-of-the-art facility built in Hutchison Hall.

band with crowd outsideRocking the quad

Andrew Polec ’11 performs with student band Khat House during Dandelion Day on Wilson Quad in April.

female violinist
Musical moment

Violinist Kim Kashkashian, pictured, performs with mezzo-soprano Katherine Ciesinski and pianist Russell Miller during a recital at Kilbourn Hall in May.

girls kneeling in green meadow
In the field

Olivia Morgan ’13 (right) and Taylor Hubble ’15 helped study a stand of old-growth forest on the University’s South Campus last summer as part of a research project on the forest ecology of the area.

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