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January 16, 2013

Making headlines

This was the year that  climate change got real for Americans. - Adam Frank“I was taken by the power of the images offered by the daguerreotype, by the potential of nanoscience being involved, and by the tragic degradation that was being observed,”
—Nick Bigelow, the Lee A. DuBridge Professor of Physics and chair of the Department of Physics of Astronomy, told the Democrat and Chronicle. Bigelow helped the University get a $450,000 National Science Foundation grant to work with the Eastman House in doing research about the daguerreotypes.

“Adversity has a way of creating motivation.”
—Mark Zupan, Simon School dean, says in a Wall Street Journal article about emphasizing job placement for MBA students.

“It truly is a great honor for us to represent the school at this historic occasion, and we are deeply privileged for the opportunity. We are thrilled and excited to share our music with the audience.”
—Che Ho Lam ’13E in the Huffington Post about performing at ceremonies surrounding President Barack Obama’s inauguration this month.

“The skin has an amazing ability to tell the story of a person.”
—Brian Poligone, assistant professor of dermatology, who diagnosed a Waterport, N.Y., man with a rare form of pancreatic cancer based on a suspicious rash. The story was detailed by ABC News.

“We’re kind of honing in on what brain regions are important for real-world mathematics learning in children,”
—Jessica Cantlon, assistant professor of brain and cognitive sciences, talking with CNN about her research on brain activity in children while they watch Sesame Street.

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