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May 15, 2013

Making headlines

A sampling of some recent news stories featuring members of the University community


“When people are relating to you and acknowledging your sense of importance, your sense of competence, you feel better about yourself.”
—Edward Deci, professor of psychology and the Gowen Professor in the Social Sciences, in a Scientific American article about the importance of supporting a friend’s autonomy

“(The public’s) voice hasn’t been sufficient enough to get Washingtonto the bargaining table. Until everyone gets heard, I doubt anythingwill get done in Congress on reaching a budget settlement.”

“Patients need to relate easily with their doctor in terms of what medication they are taking and why.”
—Paul Griner, an internist and professor emeritus of medicine at the Medical Center, in a Fox News story offering tips for people starting a new prescription

“Simply changing your mindset about what stress is can improve your stress response.”
—Jeremy Jamieson, associate professor of psychology, in a Women’s Health magazine article on public speaking

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