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April 16, 2014

Making Headlines

LA Times

“Whether they were watching a children’s movie or nature show, patients wearing video glasses were successful at tuning out their surroundings. It’s an effective distraction technique that helps focus the individual’s attention away from the treatment.”
—David Waldman, chair of the Department of Imaging Sciences in a Los Angeles Times article. Waldman is lead author of a study that examined whether video glasses help distract anxious adults during minor medical procedures.


“If you tell your kids, ‘You’re a good boy for taking out the trash,’ they may feel that if they don’t take out the trash, they’re not worthy of your love. You need to express that you love them and approve of them no matter what they do.” 
—Edward Deci, professor of psychology and Gowen Professor in the Social Sciences, tells KQED Public Radio in San Francisco in a story about the difference between praise and feedback.

Democrat & Chronicle

“Social justice is like a three-legged stool that works best when all three of these dimensions are balanced and symbiotically supportive.”
—Cary Jensen, senior counsel and director of the International Services Office, writes in a Democrat and Chronicle guest essay about the varied dimensions of justice.

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